The cultivation of weed is a time-consuming activity and you go through various phases to eventually arrive at the desired result. Just think of how many times you had to water your plants. Hopefully, it has provided you with a high yield of lovely cannabis buds. But what are you going to do with this harvest? It’s quite likely that you have already made big plans and know exactly what you’re going to do with it. However, it could also be the case that you don’t have any idea what you want to do or could do with it. This blog gives you some options and tips for how to really enjoy your harvest.

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1. Smoking

The most obvious option is to smoke your weed. For most people this is the best-known option and probably needs no further explanation. But we will go into this a bit more. For what could be nicer than testing the weed you’ve cultivated by smoking it yourself? By smoking it yourself you will find out directly just how good your home-grown weed is. Thus, you can test its strength, taste and effect, among other things. Obviously you’ll need tips, paper and possibly tobacco for smoking your weed. Needless to say, tips and long papers can be ordered from us in many varieties. You can also smoke your weed pure. The effect is then greater.

2. Vaping

Another, commonly used option is vaping. Vaping is smoking weed with a vaporizer. Vaporizers are currently very popular because it’s healthier than smoking a joint. With a vaporizer you heat up the weed to a maximum temperature of 200 degrees whereas when you smoke weed it’s being burnt. Vaping is also more effective than smoking. When you smoke a joint, part of the active substance THC is lost. In our shop you can find an extensive selection of all kinds of high-quality vaporizers.

3. Making cannabis oil

Something not often done with the harvest but which is really good is to make cannabis oil (THC oil). An important reason for people to make cannabis oil is that you cannot get it in the shops. Cannabis oil is illegal and may not be purchased. Therefore, people decide to make it for themselves. Cannabis oil can be made from the waste cuttings after cultivation. Waste cuttings are not suitable for smoking but you can make excellent cannabis oil from them. They contain enough THC and resin for cannabis oil. You can make cannabis oil in a number of different ways, e.g. with a cannolator. Five easy-to-follow steps explain how you make cannabis oil with a cannolator. Naturally, you can buy this from us.

4. Making hash

As well as cannabis oil, you can make hash from your harvest. Hash is a form of cannabis concentrate. Hash is made from the trichomes of the weed plant. Trichomes are the crystal hairs on the buds and leaves. By separating the trichomes from the weed plant you get kief. Kief is an accumulation of trichomes. By mixing, sieving and pressing the kief, you end up with a solid block of hash. There are several methods and products for making hash. Bear in mind that you’ll need a lot of weed for a small amount of good hash.

5. Baking (Edibles)

A nice plan is to bake with your harvest and then eat your home-baked variant. Weed for eating is known as edibles. The effect after eating weed is more powerful than after smoking. In addition, it takes longer for the effects to wear off.

Users of cannabis regularly bake weed. Making spacecake is enormously popular. But anyone who thinks you can only make spacecake with weed is wrong. You can, for example, also make brownies, weed butter or weed ice. Check out our blog 5 easy weed recipes for more information on this subject.

6. Make a present

It is forbidden to sell your own weed because self-cultivated weed has to be intended for your own use only. Nevertheless, it’s nice to let others enjoy your harvest. You can easily make a present of a bit of weed for your friends, acquaintances or family. Giving someone a gramme of weed as a present is completely different from selling a gramme. Your friends will be pleasantly surprised if you do that. Moreover, they can give their opinion on the quality of your home-grown weed by smoking it. Are you considering giving a lot of weed as presents? Our handy zipper bags will make it easy for you to divide up your weed into multiple bags.

7. Making dabs

Dabbing is commonplace in the United States and it’s on the increase in the Netherlands. It’s also seen by many as the future of weed smoking. But what actually is it? Dabbing is smoking a strong weed concentrate with the help of a weed pipe or bong. The extract is heated with a lighter for you to then inhale the vapours given off. Just like hash, dabs can be made from kief. Dabs are not obtainable in coffee shops but you can make them for yourself.

8. Curing

Don’t really know what to do with your weed and planning to store it for the time being? Then you can cure it. Curing (maturing) is storing your weed in the correct manner. You can cure weed for a long time but in any case it takes a minimum of two weeks. You can compare it to a good wine, for some weed can be years old.

You must store weed in an airtight glass jar kept in the dark. In the first few days it’s important to open the jar for 15 minutes per day. This is to remove the last of the moisture. In the first weeks you’ll probably notice that the smell is less strong but then the smell will come back extra strong. The most suitable jars for keeping your weed in are preserving jars. These are perfect for allowing your weed to mature.

So have you decided to simply smoke your home-grown weed? Or are you going to do something special with it, like making hash or dabs for example? Hopefully, these eight possibilities have given you some creative ideas.