Shrooms & Truffles Dosage Calculator

How many grammes of truffles per person? Curious about the right shroom dosage? If so, then you’re in the right place. Use the Shrooms & Truffles Dosage Calculator below to calculate what is a good dosage for you. In the extensive description below the calculator, we tell you all about the effects of shrooms and truffles, and the different levels of tripping.

Update August 2022: added strains, improved fresh/dried truffle dosage.

Please note: we have made this mushroom dosage calculator for you to calculate an average dose of psilocybin for a trip or a microdose. Although we do take body weight into account, we cannot take your build, experience the setting or any other physiological or psychological aspects into account. In addition, some people are more sensitive to psilocybin than others. It’s highly recommended to not eat for three hours in advance of taking psilocybin mushrooms or truffles and always take a lower dose when it’s your first time. Mushrooms and truffles are natural products with variable amounts of active ingredients. The calculations are estimates based on data freely available on the internet and therefore cannot be considered binding.

The VLOS (Dutch consulation association for smartshops) advises not to take more than 1 portion of truffles per person at a time. The aim is not to encourage use, but to provide correct information. In this way we hope that you reduce the risks and at the same time a trip meets your expectations.

Shrooms & Truffles Dosage

In working out the right shroom or truffles dosage, it’s important to ask yourself what your expectation is. For that reason, in the next section we describe the 5 different trip levels plus what you can expect with microdosing. No less important are the tips we provide below for actually achieving what you want.

Choose a Trip Level

Imagine you have just bought some Atlantis truffles. You’ve been told by friends that this legal source of psilocybin is a great way to get you hallucinating. But how much of the Atlantis truffles should you take to achieve that? There are 5 or 6 different levels depending on which source you quote. Any psychedelic substance can get you there, but they do vary in their intricacies and subjective effects. Below the video showing the visual effects and some auditory distortions pretty accurately, you will find our own magic mushroom and truffle dosage description. From the tame to the insane, here they are:


With a microdose of magic truffles or shrooms you can experience mild sensations such as enhanced creativity or focus, without hallucinating or seeing crazy colours and patterns. It’s an interesting way of thinking outside the box but otherwise bears no comparison to the actual trip levels. Want to know more about microdosing with Magic Truffles? If so, read this blog. You can also buy convenient microdosing packs. The magic truffles are already weighed and pre-packed in these!

Level 1: Light Dosage

A light shrooms dosage is ‘a bit of fun’. You feel slightly under the influence or very mildly stoned. If you’re familiar with the physical feeling of weed, then you’re in the right ballpark. Just be aware that this is where the comparison with weed or alcohol stops. During a level 1 trip, colours are a bit brighter and your short-term memory is slightly affected. Sound is also developed making music seem more beautiful than usual. This is a trip level that is perfect for novice psychonauts, given that there’s no chance of losing one’s grip on reality or control. But be aware that the effects of shrooms and truffles are not the only things that determine your response. Some people are more sensitive to psilocybin than others.

Each higher level also features the effects of the lower level and the intensity goes up and down in waves.

Level 2: Mild Dosage

During a level 2 shrooms trip, colours grow deeper and colours may even change. Your tripsitter’s face may become green or red all of a sudden. Often, you may burst out laughing in a huge laughing fit. If you look at a wall in dim light, the wall appears to breathe and move slightly as it were. If you close your eyes, patterns may appear behind your eyelids but you have to go to level 3 to experience the colourful patterns and tunnels about which you often read. Your short-term memory goes a bit mental in level 2 and you’re continually distracted by your thoughts. Your creativity is also strongly enhanced during a level 2 shrooms trip.

Patterns first appear in the background before they become properly visible.

Level 3: Normal Dosage

From this level on, it is strongly recommended that you eat shrooms or magic truffles only in a space where you feel comfortable. Now you experience the shroom effects you read everywhere. Obvious visual effects like a distorted environment and patterns appearing on the wall. It’s really helpful to dim the lights and allow the shroom effects to take hold. Then you see river-like flows in wood grains and colours grow in intensity. What’s a bit hairy but also very interesting is that 3-D hallucinations may occur with eyes closed and your senses begin to intermingle as it were. So, you may suddenly start to hear colours or taste music. This is called synaesthesia. Time appears to slow down or accelerate and you can experience moments of eternity.

Level 4: High Dosage

Powerful hallucinations occur. Even with your eyes open. These delusions can take on many forms. From the well-known machine elves and aliens to deceased family members. What’s more, inanimate objects in the room may suddenly start conversing with you. Provided you are professionally accompanied, a level 4 trip is a good way of learning about yourself. The spiritual side of shrooms and magic truffles is something you should take seriously. It will become clear to you that the ego or your feeling of ‘me’ is of little significance in the universe. This makes you feel more connected with everything and everyone. You lose the ability to tell what’s real and what’s a figment of your imagination, and the concept of time becomes devoid of value. ‘Paranormal experiences’ and ‘out of body experiences’ cannot be ruled out.

Machine Elf

Level 5: ‘Hero’ Dosage

Only for those who think that level 4 is too tame for them! In a level 5 trip on psilocybin you no longer have any visual connection with reality. You can no longer judge whether something is real or totally imaginary. In part, that’s because all your senses no longer function as normal. Reality is a concept that is no longer explicable. You become, as it were, one with the space where you are sitting, with objects in your environment or even with the entire universe. Moments of spiritual enlightenment may occur but it can be difficult to emerge quickly from a bad trip. That’s why it’s not a good idea to take a heroic dose of shrooms or truffles if you’ve never even dipped your toe in the proverbial paddling pool.

5 Important Trip Tips

If you’re going to trip on shrooms or truffles, you should follow a number of rules or commandments. Because we have already written about the 10 commandments for magic truffles, we’re not going to repeat it all again. Instead of that, we will tell you how you can reach a higher level with the same dose.

1 Take Shrooms or Truffles on an Empty Stomach

Let’s get straight to the point: it’s incredibly important not to line your stomach before you start chewing magic mushrooms. Do not eat 3 hours prior to ingesting shrooms or truffles.

2 Dim the light, Turn off TV and Phone

A little story. The writer of this article has more than once accompanied a truffle trip. One of his experiences. His friend took 20 grammes of Atlantis Magic Truffles – a serious dose. Although he related the most interesting and strange things and continually experienced laughing fits, one important expectation was missing from his trip. He saw nothing out of the ordinary. 

What’s the reason for sometimes seeing no patterns or colours with shrooms or truffles even though you devoured a decent dose of fungi? That simply comes about because the room or setting is not right. In this story, the TV and the computer were left on and the room was well lit. However, as soon as the friend agreed to switch off the screens and dim the light, the patterns appeared like a thunderbolt in a clear sky. How does that happen? Imagine you have 3 eyes. If you no longer have strong visual input from your actual eyes from TV, computer or phone, room is created in your perception. Your eyes relax themselves and your ‘third eye’ sees much better! So it pays to make things comfortable.

Conducive settings for a shroom or truffle trip!

Unconducive settings for a shroom or truffle trip!

3 Ensure a Calm and Soothing Atmosphere

The nature of a psilocybin trip is directly linked to the atmosphere in the space where you’re tripping. The difference between an Ayahuasca trip and a shrooms trip is not so much down to the substance but more the company and the setting for the process. To our surprise, shrooms and truffles are taken far too often at festivals or parties. These powerful products of nature can offer you a lot of pleasure but only if you are really at home in the atmosphere. During a trip you’re a lot more open to your environment than you might be now. That’s why tip 2 is so important. Not pleased with the result? Don’t increase the dosage then, but alter your environment. Start your trip in nice weather around sundown or let your sober tripsitter keep an eye on the candles. Wear loose-fitting clothing and have a blanket ready to crawl under if it gets too chilly. Allow the psilocybin to do its job.

Your eyes relax themselves and your ‘third eye’ sees much better

4 Start Off Low

Everyone reacts differently to psilocybin. We’re not aware of any research that indicates people are immune to the active substance in shrooms and truffles but one person can definitely be more sensitive than another, For that reason, it makes sense to take a low dose of truffles or shrooms the first time. Many people are justifiably nervous about taking magic truffles. Make sure you feel confident and knowledgeable about it. If you’ve got to here in this article, you’re to be congratulated! 

5 Take Waves, Tolerance and Stacking into Account

We are now entering the territory of pros! Never take more than one dose of shrooms or truffles in one evening. Because the effects of shrooms and truffles come in waves, your trip may feel heavier at some points than at others. The last thing you want is two waves arriving at the same time like a tsunami. That may give rise to scary moments

The first 2 hours after ingestion are really important for both tripper and tripsitter to assess whether the desired effect will be achieved. After 3 hours, are you still thinking that nothing’s happening? In that case, change the setting rather than taking another dose. 

When can you take shrooms or truffles again? A minimum of 5 days after the previous occasion. That has to do with building up a tolerance to the psilocybin in shrooms and truffles. That is to say, the effect becomes less pronounced in those 5 days if you keep all factors the same (dose, set and setting).

Liberty cap - Psilocybe semilanceata. Very powerful shrooms.

Dosing Shrooms vs. Dosing Truffles

Both truffles and shrooms contain the following active substances:

  • Psilocybin
  • Psilocin
  • Baeocystin

As well as the overall amount, the ratios of these substances may vary per species. These differences colour the effects. The seriously strong McKennaii shrooms produce a different experience from the virtually as strong Golden Teacher shrooms. The difference in the dosage for shrooms and truffles is to do with the moisture content. Fresh shrooms contain a lot of water and consequently you have to eat more weight for the same effect as with fresh truffles. Are you going to dry shrooms? They then lose up to 90% of their weight in moisture, but with no loss in active substances or hardly any loss. Truffles on the other hand hardly dry at all. This is why dried shrooms are so enormously strong for their weight. 

So be particularly careful with the strongest shrooms in the world: the psilocybe azurescens. These grow only outdoors and not available in a ready-made magic mushroom grow kit. One gramme of dry azurescens is enough to provide even SpaceX with proverbial rocket fuel. Don’t underestimate our McKennaii or Panaeolus cyanescens either. Psilocybe McKennaii is only half as strong as the strongest shroom in the world, so treat this potent mushroom with respect.

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