Best Cannabis Seeds | Top 10 Private Label

Here are ten cannabis seeds that, for one reason or another, are among the best cannabis seeds from our private label range. The strongest, tastiest, and most unique are all here. Stock up!
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When selecting a weed seeds top 10, we look at a number of specifications. First of all, the yield must not be disappointing. Because if you are going to grow weed yourself, it must at least outweigh buying it in the coffee shop. Ease of growing also counts. That is why you will not find any weed plants for advanced growers in our weed seeds top 10. So far, it is quite clear what we are looking for in the best weed seeds. But we also leave room for an "X-factor". These seeds offer something special, peculiar or at least something that makes them very different from other seeds. That is why you will see seeds in this list that you might not expect to see.

Best Weed seeds - The Top 10 Private Label weed seeds

These are the best weed seeds of our private label:

  1. Purple Haze
  2. Auto Amnesia Haze
  3. Auto Pineapple Express
  4. Wedding Cake
  5. OG Kush
  6. Auto Bubble Gum
  7. Gorilla Glue
  8. USA Autoflower Mix
  9. Auto CBD White Widow
  10. Auto Northern Light

Bestseller weed seeds

The best weed seeds are not always the bestselling seeds, but there is often some overlap. For years in a row, for example, our Auto Bubble Gum has been one of the most popular strains of weed. Slowly but surely we see a shift in our top 10 towards sweeter weed. The same Auto Bubble Gum is also one of the sweeter varieties. Are you not a sweet tooth, and do you prefer herbal weed that tastes and smells a bit more traditional? Then a classic will do for you. Think of White Widow, Amnesia Haze or Purple Haze.

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More options

Do you feel limited in your choice? No need to! This category is designed to make your choice easier. Take a look at All Cannabis Seeds and use our filters to help you choose the perfect weed for you.