Need a Lighter? Top 10 Weed Lighters!

Do you want to buy a lighter? Lighters are available at Dutch-Headshop in many shapes and sizes. From cheap gas lighters to luxury plasma lighters and pretty weed lighters. Most of them are pre-filled with gas, though you can also buy lighter gas. Weed lighter or a powerful dab storm lighter? You can find it all here. Even when you need to refill your lighter we have lighter gas on hand. Take a look at our large collection of lighters and easily place your order!

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Mascotte Lighter (Clipper)
BIC Lighter Maxi (BIC)
Torch lighter (Zorr)
Storm Lighter Black | V-Fire (Easy Torch)
Lighter (Dutch-Headshop)
Windproof Lighter Cannabis Leaf (Clipper)
Storm Lighter | Double Jet (Easy Torch)
Butane Gas Zero Impurities (Black Leaf) 300 ml Top Quality
Djeep Lighter (Djeep)
Lighter Soft Touch (Clipper)
Gas Lighter | Jet Lighter (Unilite)

Starting at 5,95

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Rasta Lighter (Clipper)
Lighter Weed Leaf (Clipper)
Plasma Lighter (NOVI)

Starting at 39,95

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Lighter Luxury Metal in Giftbox (Clipper)

Starting at 9,95

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Clipper Flints System 3 pieces
Fluor Lighter (Clipper)
Gas lighter refill 300ml
Hemp Wick Lighter (RAW)

Starting at 1,25

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A lighter for smoking is, of course, indispensable. Especially on the go, a lighter is essential to light your joint or cigarette. Check out our wide range of weed lighters and buy your favorite.

Lighters: from simple gas lighters to luxury plasma lighters

Our website has something for every budget. Want to buy a simple lighter or a very luxurious one? Dutch-Headshop has a variety of different and well-working lighters that are durable. For as little as a euro you can already choose between two excellent lighters from the Dutch-Headshop. These lighters are, thanks to their electronic push button, more user-friendly than lighters with an iron sparkwheel. Both lighters are refillable as well. The gas lighter of our house brand is the best choice if you want to buy quality for a small price. But would you rather buy an electric or plasma lighter? Then you've come to the right place. So: from cheap lighters to luxury high-end lighters. This is where you need to be!

Weed Lighter

Of course you can buy a lighter in almost every store or web shop. What we excel at is not the average lighter, but the weed lighter. We mainly sell lighters that you can use when smoking weed or hash. Also if you want to dab we have the best of the best for you. A good storm lighter or torch lighter with a blue flame that will get your dab rig up to temperature more easily. Furthermore you can buy a nice weed lighter with weed leaves or any other weed related design from us. And what about a Clipper lighter? With this you can pull out the stick with the flint to light your joint. The Clipper lighter with weed leaves is the perfect lighter for every smoker and blower.

Gas lighter, Storm lighter or Torch Lighter

You prefer a more luxurious gas lighter or torch lighter you can use in all wind and weather conditions? The Dutch Headshop offers two other excellent lighters with multiple beneficial features. Gas Lighter | Jet Lighter (Unilite) is a lighter with additional options. The characteristics are shown below.

  • Has a blue flame and burns for a long time
  • Has a special lock button
  • Filled with gas by default and refillable
  • Can stand upright
  • Storm lighters can be used in all weather conditions: they always work
  • Torch lighter is ideal (and necessary) for dabbing

As you can see, a storm lighter or a torch lighter has many benefits. The best lighter in the product assortment is the Jet Burner Lighter Formula. This lighter is perfect for people who find it important to have a real quality lighter in their pocket. The Formula Jet Burner can be used exclusively for smoking a water pipe. The lighter's flame can be set. A yellow and blue flame are among the options. The blue flame is ideal for a vaporizer that should be heated manually. The flame is also adjustable in height and can be set higher and lower by means of a knob at the bottom. Do you want a gas lighter that heats up your dab bong in one go? Then choose the Jet Burner from Formula.

Refilling your lighter with Butane gas, also known as lighter gas

Apart from lighters, you can also buy lighter gas at the Dutch-Headshop. Lighter gas consists of butane gas and is suitable for filling gas lighters. An ideal product when your lighter is empty and you don't have another lighter at home. Colibri's lighter gas is also suitable to extract hash oil or BHo (Butane Hash Oil). Either way: refill your lighter easily with the cans of butane gas or lighter gas from our collection.

Electric Plasma Lighter

Never want to refill your lighter again? No more hassle with your gas lighter and a can of butane gas? Then consider an electric or plasma lighter. These luxury looking lighters are very handy because you can charge them. Put your plasma lighter on the plug every time you start to charge your phone and you'll never be bothered by an empty gas lighter again. The NOVI plasma lighter is available here in different beautiful colors. Once you get used to an electric lighter you will never want to change. Try it yourself!

Clipper lighter

Do you want a good quality gas lighter? One that lasts a long time and is easy to use? Then go for a Clipper lighter. We have different kinds in our collection. From a Clipper weed lighter to small storm lighters and torches. A Clipper lighter is very handy because you can take out the flint system. Pull the cogwheel and you can take out the stick with the flint system in no time. Handy when you need to replace the flint, but also when you need to light your joint. This can be done perfectly with the stick. The cogwheel is also pentagonal instead of round so you always have a grip when lighting it.

Clipper is one of the most famous and best lighter brands in the world and is part of Flamagas S.A. The first Clipper lighter was designed in Barcelona in 1970. The renowned designer Enric Sarda produced a design that is still recognised decades later. Clipper lighters are known for their round shape and liftable gearwheel. They are environmentally friendly because you can replace both the flint and the fuel so you never have to throw it away. Clippers are sold all over the world and are absolutely top quality.

Buying lighters from the Best Brands

As you can see we have a big collection when it comes to lighters. Would you like to buy a lighter from one of the major brands? Or maybe a nice Dutch-Headshop lighter with our logo? On this page you will find all kinds of lighters. Make your own choice and easily proceed to order. Want to buy a clipper lighter, storm lighter, gas lighter, plasma lighter, torch lighter or a nice weed lighter? This is the place to be!