Drug Tests

Why test drugs? Soft drugs can be contaminated or cut. That means there may be other things in there that shouldn’t be present. Not only could this be unhealthy and lead to unexpected effects but might also be life-threatening. Every drug test in this category are intended for checking easily at home, or when out and about, what exactly you are getting for your money.

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Drugtest for XTC | mCPP (EZ Test)
Drugtest for XTC | MDMA Purity (EZ Test)
Drugtest for XTC, 2C-B & Speed (EZ Test)
Drugtest for THC (EZ Test)
Drugtest for Ketamine (EZ Test)
Drugtest for LSD (EZ Test)
Psilo-QTest | Psilocybin test for Mushrooms & Truffles (Miraculix)
LSD-QTest | Drug test for LSD (Miraculix)
THC/CBD-QTest | Weed test (Miraculix)

We all know that you can easily get drugs on the street or at parties and that these drugs haven’t been approved by Lady Justice. Irrespective of whether soft drugs are legal or not, we believe that it’s important for you to know what is being marketed and what the contents are in actual fact. We are therefore making self-testing of drugs possible with these products. Here, you can find a drug test for almost every substance.

Drug Tests for use at Home and On The Go

Every drug test in this category will indicate everything that’s present in a pill, stamp or ampoule within a couple of minutes. You will therefore find out quickly whether your drugs are contaminated, cut or simply pure. In short: you will soon know what you have in your hands.

This will prevent you from getting any unexpected results, side effects like headache or something more extreme such as heart palpitations or dangerously high blood pressure due to the substances commonly used for cutting purposes. Each test is slightly different so be sure to read the product descriptions thoroughly.

Buying a Drug Test

You can get drug tests from our web shop legitimately. So there’s no need to worry about the legality. All the tests in this category are legal. Whatever you are testing is, of course, your own responsibility. We don’t want to encourage you to use illegal soft or hard drugs; we want only to point out the dangers that lie behind drugs from the illegal circuit. You take responsibility.

Some of the EZ tests from our range:

Would you like to know more about a drug test from EZ tests? Check out all the information and photographs on the product pages.

EZ Drug Test

The purpose of an EZ Test is to assess whether taking (soft) drugs is safe. This handy and highly portable package will give you the test results within a few seconds.

EZ Test for Street Drugs

Drugs sold on the street may contain adulterants or hazardous substances. With the easy-to-use, portable EZ Test, you can be sure that what you bought actually does contain the right substance and no unwanted ingredients.

Warning: The EZ Test can provide only an indication of whether certain substances are present. No rights can be derived regarding the test’s accuracy. You can have drugs tested by an official body - this is the only way in which to find out exactly what the ingredients are. Additionally, an EZ test does not tell you how much of an active substance is present. Furthermore, the use of any kind of drugs is entirely your own responsibility.