Carbon Filters, Cannabis Smell & Ventilation

Indoor cannabis cultivation without nuisance or mold. Choose good ventilation and exhaust with a carbon filter. Neutralize that cannabis odor and keep your cannabis plants healthy.

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Indoor cannabis cultivation without causing nuisance due to the smell of cannabis begins with proper extraction and ventilation. Ventilation and a suitable carbon filter may be the most important investments you can make to neutralize cannabis odor and optimize air quality in your growing space. In our online grow shop, you will find everything you need for effective odor control and ventilation. From carbon filters that eliminate cannabis odor to complete extraction systems that provide a fresh and healthy growth environment for your cannabis plants.

Neutralizing Cannabis Odor with Carbon Filter

Neutralizing cannabis odor is essential to prevent disturbances. Nobody wants to smell the characteristic cannabis odor, and moreover, it's a dead giveaway. Our carbon filters and ventilation systems are specially designed for hobby growers. They are easy to install and effective at filtering out unpleasant odors. That pungent cannabis odor consists of nothing more than molecules, and they adhere to the activated carbon in the filters. In our opinion, a carbon filter is therefore indispensable. It simply and effectively solves an otherwise significant problem.

What to Do with the Ducting?

Extraction of warm cannabis air from your growing space is a good idea, but where do you put it? Where do you place the end of the ducting or ventilation duct? Typically, growers opt for flexible ducting because it's easy to push into various shapes. One end of the duct is connected to the outlet of the fan, and the other end is led outside through a designated opening in the grow tent. Then you can do two things.

Ducting Inside

Many growers choose to let the ducting come out inside the room. The advantage of this is that you don't need to make a hole to the outside or constantly have a window open with a duct sticking out, raising awkward questions. You also notice sooner when the carbon filter is saturated and a mild cannabis odor is detectable. It will certainly take several months, but a carbon filter needs replacement at some point. The disadvantage of the outlet opening in the room is that warm, humid air enters that space. Extraction is not just for cannabis odor but primarily to regulate the temperature in the grow tent in combination with the grow light.

Ducting Outside

It's easier to let the ducting come out outside. This way, the temperature in the room where your grow tent is located doesn't gradually rise. You can choose to neatly integrate the ducting into your exterior wall, somewhat like you do with a condensation dryer. In our opinion, this is the better option.

Importance of a Fan in the Growing Space

In addition to extraction with a carbon filter, a good fan in the growing space is essential for developing strong cannabis plants. While extraction is meant to remove the warm air, a fan provides an airflow that regulates temperature and humidity. This resolves hotspots and prevents mold and diseases from taking hold.

Furthermore, moving air encourages the plants to grow more robustly, resulting in stronger fibers. Think of it as a workout for your cannabis plants. And as a result, they have greater carrying capacity. In short, higher yields of those sticky buds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What extraction do I need for my grow tent? The size and power of the extraction depend on the size of your grow tent. A common rule is that the air in the tent should be completely refreshed every minute. So, for a tent measuring 1x1 meter and 2 meters in height, you need 2 m3/min or 120 m3/hour.
  • Where should I place the extraction? Ideally, place the extraction at the top of the growing space or grow tent, as warm air rises.
  • Difference between extraction and fan in the growing space Extraction removes old air and odors from the space, while a fan provides air circulation, stronger plants, and stable climate conditions inside the growing space.
  • Why use a fan in the grow tent? A fan ensures air circulation, helps with temperature regulation, and prevents moisture problems. A fan also strengthens the fibers through the constant airflow.
  • Why does my house smell like cannabis? This can be due to inadequate extraction and filtration of cannabis odor in your growing space. A carbon filter can solve this problem.
  • What does a carbon filter do? A carbon filter purifies the air by absorbing cannabis odors and other contaminants, thus preventing cannabis odor nuisance.
  • What should be the temperature of my growing space? The ideal temperature for a growing space is between 20-25 degrees Celsius during the light period and slightly cooler during the dark period, with sativas preferring it a few degrees warmer than indicas.
  • Does cannabis need heat? Cannabis plants need heat generated by a powerful lamp, but extreme heat can be harmful. A constant, moderate temperature is ideal for cannabis growth and flowering. That's why excess heat is removed through extraction.

Want to Learn More About Odor and Problems with Insufficient Ventilation?

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