Herbs & Extracts from the Smartshop

The finest herbs and extracts from our online smartshop! Our dried natural products are known for their relaxing, uplifting or just psychedelic effects. This is not a herbal shop to cook, but to explore what Mother Nature has to offer in terms of powerful smart drugs!

You may know them; those gardens at monasteries and abbeys that are full of medicinal herbs. Ours is somewhat similar. We want a herb garden like that too, but then crammed with psychedelics, dream herbs and relaxing herbs that help us in our stressful lives. We have already harvested them for you. The herbs and extracts in this category are ready to use.

Herbs – The smart drugs from Mother Nature

Our herbs all have a specific effect; we have picked them out for you. From aphrodisiac damiana to sleep-inducing mulungu. Maybe you have never heard of these herbs - that makes a virtual walk through our online herb garden extra fun. It is an instant journey of discovery. Botanicals such as lavender and valerian have been known to have a relaxing effect for a long time, but in the Amazon and on the African savannah there are also plants we have never heard of. We are committed to introducing you to what we find in nature! 

Extracts - Extra Strong Natural Products

Our extracts are usually a stronger version of our herbs. If you see for example "10X" on a product, then this extract is up to 10 times stronger than the herb itself. Extracts, especially of herbs such as salvia and kratom are therefore not recommended for (sensitive) beginners. Our herbal powders are somewhat in between extracts and cut-up plant parts in terms of strength. Because of the larger contact surface they are often easier and quicker to absorb in your body. On the other hand, they are not suitable for use in a vaporizer, because the small particles will damage the electronics and end up in your mouth through the screen.

All types of herbs for Herbal Tea

Many of our herbs can be used to make herbal tea, but some can also be used in the vaporizer. Are you curious about herbs that are specifically suited for the vaporizer? Then go to this category. Making a herbal tea is very simple. Steep the herbs in hot water and filter out the plant material. Some herbs are very bitter, but others taste fantastic. That is why you will find them in herbal teas, even in the supermarket. However, you will probably not find natural erection herbs such as muira puama there. ;)

Our Herbs & Extracts brands

Meet the top quality herbs from Herbs of the Gods, Mystic Herbs, Indian Elements, Happy Caps and Jetpackkratom! These brands have all been selected by us because they share the same vision as we do. They also like to see their herb gardens filled with exciting and uplifting smart drugs. We buy the herbs of our own brand in bulk, so that we can lower the price for you. Moreover, we are constantly trying to be more sustainable, which means that the environment is less burdened by packaging materials and other additives.

Are you curious about the effects of our herbal range? Take a look at the blogs below and get informed about the effects of our natural smart drugs: