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Healthy Drinks

You are in need of extra resistance or energy? Or rather concentration and relaxation? Find all kinds of herb-based healthy drinks in this healthy drinks category. Combat fatigue and boost your stamina.

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Are you looking for wholesome drinks? Then you are at the right place! We offer the very best quality and an ample choice among all kinds of wholesome drinks. Check out below which product is suitable for you. We guarantee fast and quality service.

What are wholesome drinks?

Healthy drinks are products that come with a positive effect on your body. Often these are small bags with herbs or powders, which should be mixed with a drink such as a tea, coffee or a smoothie. These drinks have a beneficial effect on the body. Wholesome drinks can help you to function better or simply provide a complete relaxation.


Many wholesome drinks are available in our product assortment. Each drink comes with its own unique effects, though some effects may look similar. Of course, the effect depends on the product you are taking in. What follows are the descriptions of the main effects of beneficial drinks.

  • Some products will allow you to get into a meditative mood.
  • Slight hallucinations and an increase of libido.
  • The concentration and stamina may also increase.
  • A relaxing effect and an improved night's rest.
  • Energy-boosting (avoid a dip in energy).
  • Relief of anxiety and nervousness.


The products are usually mixed with tea, coffee or another type of drink. The herb or powder is subsequently added to the drink, another option is to stir a bag of herbs in hot water. A teaspoon of powder or one herb sachet can be enough to obtain the desired effect. All products can be used on a daily base. Yet, it is not recommended to consume several cups of tea or coffee in a short amount of time, as the effect might be enhanced and hallucinations, for example, could occur at high doses. Carefully think about the moment you consume a particular drink. It might not be convenient, for example, to consume an energy-boosting drink right before bedtime or, in a similar line of thought, consume a relaxing drink right before going to work or study.

General indications for wholesome drinks

Not everyone is apt for consuming wholesome drinks. In some cases it is not recommended to consume wholesome drinks, while in other cases it could be advisable. Below you will find more information. In case you are going to use a product, we recommend to read the information on page of that particular product.

  • Some products are perfect for vegans and people following a paleo lifestyle.
  • Some products cannot be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Many products are not suitable for minors. These products should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Combining the products with MAO inhibitors, medicines or drugs, stimulants, alcohol or other psychoactive agents is not recommended.