Pipe Accessories

Do you in need any meshes, screens, gauzes or filters for your marijuana pipe? Need Bong Cleaner? Out of Pipe Cleaners? This maintenance category not only contains accessories for your pipe, but also cleaning solutions and brushes, so you can clean hash or weed residues easily and hygienically.

Every smoker loves smoking a weed pipe, bong, shisha, vaporizer or water pipe, but pipes also need maintenance. Replace Screens? Need to clean your bong? Need Pipe Cleaners, Gauzes or Filters? Use the pipe accessories from the Dutch-Headshop!

Function of Pipe Accessories

Pipe Cleaners and other accessories are suitable for multiple products. They are useful for marijuana pipes and water pipes, but suitable for vaporizers or evaporators as well. Pipe accessories can serve as a tool during smoking a pipe, bong ore shisha. Also easy for maintaining a pipe or vaporizer. There are so many different products, all with their own features.

Pipe Cleaner, Screens & More

Enough products are available to make smoking a marijuana pipe or water pipe a lot more pleasant. Think of screens, brushes and cleaners.

A screen or gauze is actually not an indispensable part of a marijuana pipe or water pipe. A screen should be placed in the pipe's bowl. Screens ensure no ashes or crumbs of herbs enter your mouth and vapors are better filtered as well. Screens come in six different sizes, three of which have a fine-meshed grid.

You can use a pipe cleaner brushes for cleaning the bowl. After smoking a marijuana pipe, often ashes and residues remain in the bowl, so the pipe needs to be cleaned for its next use. Cleaning is very important for the taste and durability of the pipe. The pipe cleaners have a small size. This makes it easy to brush the smoke attributes on the inside. We also have big Bong Brushes ore Big Pipe Cleaners for the big jobs.

Pipe cleaners have the same function as brushes. With Dutch Headshop's pipe accessories you ensure you can optimally enjoy your marijuana pipe or water pipe. Order them online right away.