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Discover Utillian vaporizers and vape pens. The Canadian brand offers models in every price range. Check out the flagship model: the Utillian 722. Honoured with several awards. Or the Utillian 5 Vape Pen with unique features that no other concentrates vaporizer in the world has. High quality vaporizers for an affordable price. Ordering with us is easy.

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Heating Chamber | Utillian 5 V3
Utillian 722 Vaporizer
Care Package | Utillian 721 & 722
Wax Heating Element | Utillian 5
Replacement Heating Element (2 pieces) | Utillian 5

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O-Ring Set | Utillian 5
Mouthpiece | Utillian 2
USB Charger | Utillian 2
Dual Quartz Chamber | Utillian 2
Magnetic Cap & Mouthpiece | Utillian 721
Utillian 5 V3 Vape Pen Top Quality

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Utillian 2 Vape Pen

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Ceramic Donut Chamber | Utillian 2

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Magnetic Cap & Mouthpiece | Utillian 722

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Vaporizer Water Bubbler | Universal (Utillian)

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Utillian has been making headlines in Canada and the United States since 2014. But now also in Europe! The quality brand makes vaporizers that are available to everyone thanks to their affordable price. Read more about Utillian here and order your own vaporizer safely and easily.

About Utillian Vaporizers

Utillian is a Canadian company that produces vaporizers and vape pens. They say their nickname is 'Quality' and this is reflected in their products. They do everything in their power to provide a great vaping experience. Reliable devices like the Utillian 722, made from high-quality materials and accessories that make the possibilities endless. The design team focuses on innovative products that not only do the job, but elevate the entire vaping experience.

Utillian has vaporizers in every price range, because the company wants their products to be available to people from different social strata. It takes customer feedback seriously and uses it to innovate and constantly improve products. With elegance, style and flair, Utillian embarked on a mission in 2014, a mission it has always lived up to so far.

Utillian 722

The flagship product of the Canadian vaporizer manufacturers is the Utillian 722. It is very similar to the world-famous Crafty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. One of the most highly praised in the world. The Utillian 722 is certainly not inferior. It is a full convection vaporizer that excels when it comes to power and ease of use. You can vaporize anything as long as you use Vape Wool. There are 4 presets and a booster mode, which allows you to adjust each vaping session effortlessly. The airflow is fantastic thanks to the insulated air passage and the wide mouthpiece. The features of the Utillian 722 are normally only found in the most expensive models on the market. However, this convection vaporizer is affordable.

Utillian 2

A very compact vape pen by Utillian. Perfect for discreetly vaporizing small amounts of concentrates or dabs. The small vaporizer pen comes in a handy box that is smaller than a pack of cigarettes. The dual quartz coil ensures an unadulterated taste of your dabs. With the Utillian 2 you can also vape hash. For this you need to order a ceramic donut chamber. It is not included in the standard package.

Utillian 5

A well-known name in Canada and the United States: the Utillian 5. No other vape pen has as much power as this one. The Triple Titanium and Twisted Kanthal coils are capable of vaporizing large amounts of concentrates or dabs. The unique airflow, which you really don't see on almost any vape pen, makes it possible to completely customize the vapor. You can fully personalize the vapour and people from the other side of the ocean love it. Try it now!

Buying a Utillian Vaporizer

Want to buy Utillian? Dutch-Headshop is the place to be. We are one of the few headshops that represents Utillian in Europe. With us you can safely buy Utillian. You can count on the best service. Also when parts need to be replaced, you can contact us. Want to buy a Utillian mouthpiece, coils, screens or other accessories? You know where to go!