Making Hash and Ice-O-Lator

Making your own hash is not difficult. Especially using the products from this category. These items can help you to make the most delicious hash or ice-o-lator. Whether it be a pollen sieve, hash maker, hash press or bubbleator. We’ve got them all.

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Rosin Press | Qnubu Kompact 2.0 (Qnubu) 600 KG Top Quality
DabStation | Silicone Tray for Dabbing (Qnubu)
Kief Box | Hash Sifter Box (Black Leaf)
Hashmaker / Hash-shaker (Black Leaf)
ZenPen Hash Grinder (Hash Grinder Company) Best Buy
Hash Press Metal small
EX Hash Knife (Hash Grinder Company)

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Hash Press Steel | T-Press (Black Leaf) Top Quality
Pollen Press Aluminium (Black Leaf)
Ice-O-Lator Bags | Set 3 Bags (Pollinator) Top Quality
Bubbleator B-Quick Incl. Ice-O-Lator Bags Top Quality

You would like to make hash yourself? Then the Dutch-Headshop has the right products for you to do this. Try making your own hashish with one of the many quality products from our product assortment. Order easily and in a discreet manner at the Dutch-Headshop.

Making Your Own Hash- How do you do that?

There are various ways in which to make hash. The first step is always to gather kief and/or trichomes. Trichomes are the white, amber-to-brown coloured resin glands on the weed plant. The resin produced by them is brimming with THC and CBD and that’s precisely what you want now to make hash from. The trichomes are not only on the weed buds but on the leaves as well. You can, therefore, make hash from more than just the cannabis buds.

Kief is the stuff that’s left over when you sieve weed in a pollen or hash sieve. Kief is actually nothing more that the resin, the trichomes and tiny particles of plant residue. It is also referred to as THC or THC powder. But this is actually a misnomer. The kief you find in your grinder is by no means pure THC. THC and CBD only form when the weed is heated. But you can indeed press it into a home-made lump of hash!

Hash Sieve for collecting Kief

You can gather kief, trichomes, THC powder or whatever else you might call it in different ways. Formerly, people did this by hand. Dozens of people would sit between the weed plants busy rubbing weed buds between their hands. Nice factoid: those people would get slightly high because the plant material would be converted by the heat produced by the rubbing. Moreover, THC and CBD are easily absorbed through the skin.

A brown layer would be left behind on the hands to then be scraped off and thrown onto a pile. Finally, a block of hash would be produced with a hash press. Are you making your own hash? You could do it like that but luckily we have products in stock that make it somewhat easier.

Take for example the Hashmaker pollen sieve and the Hash Sieve in a Box from Blackleaf. These products enable you to easily separate kief, trichomes or THC from your plant. Simply toss weed, cuttings waste and everything that contains THC into these boxes and start to shake. The pollen sieve in these products will produce a decent layer of kief at the bottom. You then proceed to put this in a hash press to make a block of hash.

Using a Hash Press or Pollen Press

Once you have gathered sufficient THC-rich stuff, it’s time to move on to pressing. This can best be done with a hash press or pollen press. They come in various shapes and sizes but they all work in virtually the same way. There are a number of discs on the inside of the hash press. The idea is that you press the kief between the discs. Take out one of the discs, fill the hash press with kief, replace the disc and screw the top back on tightly. Depending on the product, you can now begin pressing by turning the top / handles. Press with as much strength as possible to form a lovely block of hash.

That doesn’t sound particularly complicated now does it? Here are some products with which you can easily press hash yourself:

  • Aluminium Pollen Press (Black Leaf) – pocket-sized press. Handy for out and about. Full grinder? Just fill and press!
  • The Hash Press Metal Small and Hash Press Aluminium and Steel are very popular products. Do you want to easily press hash and are planning to do it more often? In that case, this purchase will more than repay your investment.

Making Ice-O-Lator

As well as common or garden hash blocks, you can make things a bit more exciting for yourself. Making Ice-O-Lator hash does take more effort but the end result is worth the trouble. Ice-O-Lator is an extremely THC-rich hash. It’s also known as ice hash and you make it using a special extraction method. You need either ice-o-lator bags for this, or a Bubbleator.

So you make hash with ice. With these items you can extract THC from the plant material of weed. This is done working with special bags / sieves and ice water. By successively using a filter with a denser mesh size, you can end up finally with an almost pure form of hash. The other materials from the plant remnants are left behind in the Ice-O-Lator bags and the ice water. We have various Ice-O-Lator bags ready and waiting for you. Using these bags and ice water, you can make your own really powerful ice hash:

  • Ice-O-Lator small 3 bag set
  • Ice-O-Lator small outdoors
  • Ice-O-Lator small indoors
  • Ice-O-Lator Travel

As well as making Ice-O-Lator hash with bags, you can also purchase equipment that does most of the work for you. Look at the Bubbleator. It looks pricey compared to other hash makers, but its capacity and intensive use is quickly and easily regained. The filter system is suitable for 350 grams of raw material and you can collect your crystals within ten minutes time. So, do you want to go about it in a really professional manner? If so, then the Bubbleator is the gadget you’re looking for. But: for own use only. It goes without saying that selling or dealing in weed and hash is not permitted.

Need any help?

Do you still have any questions or are you having problems one way or another with making hash yourself? Our customer service is always ready and waiting to hear from you! Do you want to make hash oil? In that case you should go to our ‘Making Concentrates’ category.