The Best Brands from our Headshop

Buy stuff from big brands like Futurola, RAW, Mascotte, Greengo or Smoking? We have everything in stock. You can order safely, quickly and discreetly in our online headshop!

Do you want to be assured of good headshop items? Want to score the best rolling papers, tips, cones, dabbing tools, bongs or pipes? View the range of major brands such as Futurola, RAW, Mascotte and Smoking in our online headshop.

Online Headshop

In a headshop you can find everything that has to do with the use of soft drugs and tobacco products. Everything you could use when smoking a joint, making dabs, storing your smoking supplies and rolling your cigarette for example. You cannot come to us for the soft drugs and tobacco themselves. As one of the oldest headshops in the Netherlands, we stick to accessories. In our online headshop you can order all products quickly, safely, discreetly and easily.

Big Brands like Futurola, RAW and Mascotte

As in any industry, some brands are more respected than others. Big brands often have a more extensive range or products of better quality and are therefore more popular with the target group. Then, of course, there are also brands that win the originality prize and are completely in line with the lifestyle of the target group. Why you should buy products from a certain brand? Let's take a look at the distinguishing features.

  • The lifestyle brand in every headshop is RAW. Do you live for cannabis? Then you can probably find yourself completely in the bizarrely large range of RAW! They have literally everything you could find in a headshop.
  • Mascotte stands for Dutch top quality. It is one of the oldest smoking supplies brands in the Netherlands. Want to buy one of the many types of Mascotte rolling paper? Or a nice grinder or lighter from the brand? We have everything in stock.
  • Greengo goes for green! All products of the brand are made of the most sustainable materials. Everything you need for rolling or smoking a joint can be found within the Greengo range. Rolling papers, tips, eco grinders, eco rolling trays, cones, tubes, filters and more!
  • Anyone who has ever rolled a joint is familiar with Smoking rolling papers. Whether it's the nice wide blue, the narrow golden or one of the other varieties: you can find it at the Dutch-Headshop.
  • You can't miss Futurola  in an online headshop. The Amsterdam-based company is known for its rolling papers and joint rollers, but now it has everything you could wish for as a smoker. Futurola's products are now available all over the world. Fortunately, also closer to home, in our online headshop.
  • The Dutch-Headshop private label is for every smoker who doesn't want to pay a fortune, but still wants to buy good stuff. Our rolling papers, tips, grinders, joint fillers and other headshop items are of the same quality as the major brands. We only offer it for a more reasonable price. In addition, we use as little packaging material as possible and we produce as sustainably as possible. Are you looking for price toppers? Go for our private label!