Pesticides & Protection

Get the most out of your harvest and protect your cannabis plant with effective and eco-friendly solutions for pests, fungi and diseases.

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Neem Oil for Cannabis Plants

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Biotabs Boom Boom Spray 100 ml
SMC Spidermite Control 100 ml
Organic Bloom Stimulator (BAC) 120 ml Organic
Total Explosion (Agrobacterias) 60 ml
Bio Clone | Rooting Powder Gel (BAC) 100 ml Organic

Pest and Insect Control.

Are you suffering from spider mites, thrips, aphids or other unwanted visitors to your cannabis plant? No worries, with our effective pesticides you'll tackle common pests and diseases quickly and effectively. Choose from biological solutions. Better for plant, environment and, of course, your health. Neem oil, spider mite control and other natural remedies are popular for an environmentally friendly approach.

Mildew control

Mold such as mildew can be a major threat to your cannabis plants. Our pesticides help you fight these fungi quickly and effectively, keeping your plants healthy and maximizing your yields.

Choose an environmentally friendly solution

The cannabis plant you are lovingly tending has, of course, as its ultimate destination a joint or perhaps a spacecake. For these but also climate-friendly reasons, it is nice to choose a 100% natural solution to any pest problem.

Safe and Effective

Safety comes first when choosing pesticides. Our products are carefully selected to be effective against pests and diseases without causing harm to you, your plants or the environment. So you can confidently protect your cannabis plants and enjoy the harvest.

Biological Control with Natural Enemies

At Dutch-Headshop, we are first and foremost in favor of using natural control. But you can't buy ladybugs, nematodes or parasitic wasps from us for logistical and animal-friendly reasons. We simply don't have the facilities. You can buy these insects online at other places where they are well cared for. We heartily recommend trying this first. Only when the infestation gets out of hand do you opt for pesticides. You may also be able to get further than you think with kitchen remedies. Free tips from Dutch-Headshop:

Pest Insects/Fungi

Natural Enemies

Practical Pesticides

Spider mites

Ladybugs, Predatory mites

Soapy water solution, Neem oil


Parasitic flies, Predatory bugs

Garlic spray, Vinegar solution


Ladybugs, Hoverflies

Nettle Vinegar, Soapy water solution

White flies

Parasitic wasps, Hoverflies

Alcohol solution, Yellow sticky traps


No specific

Baking soda mixture, Milk water solution

Mold (Botrytis)

No specific

Hydrogen peroxide solution, Copper fungicides

Mosquitoes/ Mealybugs

Nematodes, Predatory mites

Sandy layer on earth, Vinegar trap


Hedgehogs, Birds

Slug pellets, Beer trap

False Mildew

No specific

Sulfur, Milk water solution


Slug wasp (Diglyphus isaea)

Neem oil, Manual removal

Frequently asked questions about pest control on cannabis plants

  • How to prevent spider mites? Prevention, of course, is always better than control. In the case of spider mites, the best option is to maintain the humidity around the cannabis plant. This is because spider mites do not like high humidity. Ensure maximum humidity during the growing phase and lower it to 40% to 60% during the flowering phase of the cannabis plant to deter this plant bloodsucker.
  • What are natural pesticides? A good example of a natural pesticide is neem oil. This insecticide is ideally suited for a cannabis plant because it naturally acts as an exterminator and scarecrow. Not only insects, but mold and mildew are not fans! And it's food safe, too.