Cannabis Oil, Extracts & Hashish DIY | Everything you need

You like making your own hashish or cannabis oil? Everything you need for that can be found in this category. From the hashish shaker to the Bubbleator B-quick, Dutch-Headshop has all supplies in its product range to make high-quality hashish. Discover these products and start with your new favorite hobby: making hash or cannabis oil!
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Rosin Press | Qnubu Kompact 2.0 (Qnubu) 600 KG Top Quality
Rosin Press Bags 11 x 5 cm (Qnubu) 10 pieces

Starting at 9,95

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Bong Bowl | Active Charcoal Adapter (actiTube)

Starting at 16,95

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Cannolator Triple Cannabis Extractor Complete - Making Cannabis Oil (Medi-Wiet)
Cannabis Coconut Oil Extraction Set with CBD (Medi-Wiet)
Storm Lighter Black | V-Fire (Easy Torch)
Glass Mini Bong for Dabs & Weed (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
Degummed Hemp Fibre / Vape Wool (Black Leaf)

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Bubbleator B-Quick Incl. Ice-O-Lator Bags Top Quality
Linx Hypnos Zero Vape Pen
Hash Press Metal small
Dabbing Nail All-in-One Starter Set
Bong & Pipe Cleaner Bio (LimPuro) 250 ml
Heisenberg Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Kawum) 14 cm
Butane Gas Zero Impurities (Black Leaf) 300 ml Top Quality
POT by NOIDS Spare Beaker
DabStation | Silicone Tray for Dabbing (Qnubu)
Glass Recycler Mini Bong (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
Kief Box | Hash Sifter Box (Black Leaf)

Make your own cannabis oil or hashish with the help of the Dutch-Headshop. In this category you can find everything for successfully producing your own hash or cannabis oil. Choose from a variety of products and start making hash or cannabis oil!


We have a complete inventory to offer the handyman an extensive choice for making hashish or cannabis oil. Think about, for example, the four Ice-O-Lator filter bags or the exceptionally special Bubbleator B-quick. Or order the relatively inexpensive hashish shaker, also very easy to use.

Making Hashish

You would like making your own hash, but you have no idea how to start? Making hash is not such a complicated process. Hash can be made from a female cannabis plant, whereby the presence of trichomes (glandular hairs) on the flower or leaves is a requirement. Leaves without trichomes are not suitable for making hashish.

Hash is, in many cases, made from the cutting waste of buds. By sifting the cutting waste with one of our products, you will separate the trichomes from the cutting waste. Then, you wrap the trichomes in plastic and add some water. After this, you wrap it in several layers of newspapers and start pressing it together. Heat it for approximately 10/15 minutes in the oven at about 180 degrees, and you have a delicious block of homemade hashish.

Making cannabis oil

Besides supplies to make hashish, you can also find items to make cannabis oil. Just like hashish, you can make cannabis oil from cutting waste from marijuana buds. Cannabis oil can also be made from fresh tops from the coffee shop or, of course, your own harvest. The marijuana you use though should be free of pesticides or other chemicals.

Let's start! First of all, grind about 15 grams of marijuana with a food processor, after which you put the crushed cannabis into a stocking and put an extra stocking over it. Next, put the stocking in a pot you then fill with alcohol. After stirring for about fifteen minutes, pour the alcohol into a baby bottle. Put the baby bottle in a small deep fryer or a bottle warmer. Heat up the deep fryer at the lowest temperature. The alcohol evaporates, and the cannabis oil remains. When the alcohol is almost completely evaporated, take the stocking again through the alcohol. Now, fill up the baby bottle again. After a few hours, a sticky substance remains in the bottle. With the addition of a little olive oil, this substance can be removed from the bottle. Stir the baby bottle well so that the cannabis oil in the olive oil dissolves. Now, the cannabis oil is ready to pour into the pipette bottles.


As you have already read above, you need several household items for making cannabis oil. It is an investment, but you will enjoy it for a long time. After this one-off expense of about 70 euros, you will have all the essentials to make cannabis oil many times. Below you will find the essentials for making cannabis oil.

  • Glass baby bottle
  • Mini fryer or bottle heater
  • Alcohol (> 95%)
  • Olive oil
  • Two empty pipette bottles
  • Stockings (nylon)
  • A glass jar
  • Pipe (aluminum)
  • 15 grams of weed

Easily Making Cannabis Oil with the Cannolator in 7 Steps

You want to buy a complete package for making cannabis oil, without any hassle? Then consider the complete Cannolator. The Cannolator is a special device that allows you to make cannabis oil with alcohol extraction without any effort. This package contains not only the Cannolator with all its accessories, but also an air pump and a baby bottle heater. The only thing you still have to buy is alcohol, and you can start. The step-by-step plan for making cannabis oil with the cannolator:

  1. Take some finely ground weed buds or cutting waste.
  2. Fill the supplied (larger) extraction tube.
  3. Put the extraction tube in the Cannolator.
  4. Add 6x the weight in alcohol.
  5. Turn on the baby bottle warmer and the air pump to vaporize the alcohol.
  6. When a smooth liquid remains after approximately 2 hours, the paste is ready.
  7. Dilute with olive oil or hemp seed oil.