Strongest Cannabis Strains with lots of THC

Are you looking for the strongest weed to grow yourself? Then choose one of these cannabis seeds. Competitively priced and more than 25% THC!
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Strongest Weed

What is the strongest weed of the Netherlands? There are some very strong types of weed that can contain up to 30% THC. Gorilla Glue weed and Girl Scout Cookies are some of the strongest weed strains available. And we sell weed seeds from these powerhouses. The seeds in this category contain at least 25% THC.


THC is the most psychoactive active ingredient in weed. It causes the high we all know from weed. The expected THC percentage indicated with our weed seeds is the maximum THC content that the dried buds can contain under ideal growing and harvesting conditions. Weed seeds themselves do not contain THC.

THC makes you light-headed, relaxed and gives you a feeling of well-being. THC also has proven positive health effects such as muscle relaxation and pain relief, but it is not without side effects. THC, especially in higher doses, tends to cause panic and paranoia. Another common substance in weed, CBD, can help. If you're sensitive to the side effects of THC, we recommend buying weed seeds with a good dose of CBD. Think of our 1 to 1 weed seeds, where the seeds contain the same amount of THC as CBD.