Rolling Tray for Joints

Rolling Tray from RAW, Greengo or another great brand? Wooden tray or just aluminum? You can find them all here and we will deliver them to your home in no time!

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Metal Rolling Tray (Fire-Flow) 17,5 x 27,5 cm

Starting at 9,95

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Gorilla Bag | Joint Rolling Kit (Apestoned)

Starting at 29,95

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Bamboo Rolling Tray Classic (G-Rollz) 28 x 17 cm
Eco Rolling Tray (Greengo) 16 x 20 cm
Mushroom Rolling Tray (Black Leaf) 27 x 17 cm
Bamboo Rolling Tray Mini (G-Rollz) 20 x 16 cm
Rolling Trays Metal (RAW) 17,5 x 27,5 cm

Starting at 8,95

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Ganesha Rolling Tray (Black Leaf) 18 x 14 cm
Rolling Trays Metal (V-Syndicate) 14 x 18 cm

Starting at 5,95

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Stash Box | Secret Box (Rolls)
Bamboo Rolling Tray Palette (G-Rollz) 19 x 14 cml
Wooden Grinder Board with Herb Knife (Black Leaf) 200 mm

Rolling Trays are perfect for rolling your joint. Whether you're sitting on the couch at home, on a bench in the park or on a lounger at the beach. Buy your own rolling tray and enjoy the convenience!

Why buy a Rolling Tray?

People who regularly roll a joint usually have a rolling tray or rolling board in their home. Why are these things so popular? They have different purposes! Let's see what the main reasons are for people to buy a rolling tray.

  • Always a surface to roll a joint on. Even when you're on the road.
  • Rolling trays also come in compact sizes, so you can easily take them along to a chill session or fun outing.
  • All your rolling utensils in one place. No more searching for your rolling papers, tips, grinders, lighters and other items. Always put them back on your tray and you have everything immediately available.
  • They are beautiful! You name it, it is on a rolling tray. Beautiful buds, crazy cartoon characters, beautiful wood or with lights? Whatever you want is for sale!
  • Some rolling trays have extra features that make rolling a joint easier. A slot to put your joint in, a scraper for all the grit or a light so you can see everything in the dark. Nothing is impossible.

Enough reasons to buy a rolling tray? Keep reading to see what we have in our collection.


If you are looking for premium quality, you will naturally go for one of the biggest smoking brands in the world. RAW rolling trays come in different sizes and have beautiful designs. The famous RAW donut rolling tray is a good example. Your mouth starts watering just by rolling them. They are large, sturdy and colorful. With the huge RAW collection there is always something for you!


Is sustainability a high priority? Then you should choose a Greengo rolling trayy. These are made of recycled THC plastic. This is recycled plastic that is extracted from old hash containers, grip bags and weed bags. You can still see the pieces of weed and hash in the plastic! This way it stays with the smokers and you help the world a little bit. The Greengo Rolling tray is nice and compact and has a holder where you can put a joint while rolling. Convenience meets sustainability!

Wooden Rolling Trays

Crazy about wood or bamboo look? Choose a wooden rolling tray. We have them in different shapes and sizes. G-Rollz makes beautiful wooden rolling trays that are also very handy. They come with a magnetic joint holder, which you can easily remove when you need the space. The corner pieces are removable, so you can easily remove all the waste from the tray. Some have additional slots for joints, tips or other rolling utensils. Conclusion: want to buy a practical and beautiful wooden rolling tray? Look no further!