Fast Buds

Want to grow an autoflower and be guaranteed of the best genetics? Go for Fast Buds seeds. On this page you will find a wide range of award winning, potent and tasty strains from the USA.

Read the story behind this American autoflower connoisseur and find out why you should grow with Fast Buds seeds.

420 Fast Buds

Well before autoflowering strains became popular, the founders of 420 Fast Buds were already experimenting with autoflower genetics in their garage. Since 2010, their goal was clear: to become the world's largest seed bank of autoflowers. In 2012, the first Fast Buds seeds came on the market. Currently, they are still working to make their dream come true and new strains are released every year. 

420 Fast Buds originates from Los Angeles, California in the United States. Back when American genetics were on the rise in Europe, they were competing with the giants on the other side of the ocean. Namely, the big Dutch and Spanish seed banks. American genetics caught on in Europe as well. Soon Fast Buds had dozens of sales outlets throughout Europe. They were the first American company to pull this off. Today, Fast Buds seeds are in more than 1,000 stores across more than 35 countries.

Fast Buds Autoflower seed bank

Fast Buds is the expert in autoflower genetics. As a matter of fact, they only sell autoflower seeds. Around the time the company was founded, autoflowers were not yet popular and the Americans wanted to conquer the cannabis industry with just that. They succeeded. One of the first strains that caught their eye was Gelato Auto. Thanks to its sky-high THC percentage of 26%, it made a huge impression as the strongest autoflowering strain on the market at the time. Another important strain was Girl Scout Cookies Auto, released in 2015 and an instant success. That year Fast Buds made its first appearance at the Spannabis fair and later at many other cannabis events throughout Europe. Gorilla Glue Auto was the autoflowering strain of the year in 2016.

California Genetics

If you're looking for typical American genetics, Fast Buds is the place to be. Back in the days when California became the cannabis empire of the world, the seed bank was on the front lines. At the time, they were one of the few to have access to the best modern California genetics. These were almost untraceable to competitors. Cannabis enthusiasts around the world could only dream of them. That's why Fast Buds grabbed that opportunity and started working with it. That earned them not only recognition, but also many awards.

Award-winning Fast Buds Seeds

The whole world is a fan of 420 Fast Buds seeds. Since 2016, the strains have won more than 20 different Cannabis Cups. With the Gorilla Cookies Auto, Gorilla Zkittlez Auto en Forbidden Runtz Auto, among others, they won awards at the Copa Canábica Litoral de los Poetas and Copa Secreta in Chile. But they also took home some gold at the THC Expo and Spannabis Cup. Blackberry Auto took first place at the 2019 Autoflower Cup in Oregon, United States.

Number 1 on Growdiaries

Do you ever browse growdiaries on the Internet? Then you've surely stumbled across this seed bank. Fast Buds is the undisputed number 1 on the renowned cannabis platform Growdiaries. That's a website where you can keep weed cultivation reports and share them with anyone in the world. Fast Buds is No. 1 because it is the seed bank whose seeds have been used the most in grow reports. They also get the highest rating based on thousands of reviews. So when you buy Fast Buds seeds you can be sure you are getting quality cannabis seeds. 

International Collaborations

Fast Buds wanted to get a foothold in Europe as soon as possible, and that went better than expected. Soon they seized their opportunity to become known in other parts of the world as well. On one of the team's trips to Chile, they met the current CEO of the company, Stan Cristian Medina, a well-known cannabis entrepreneur. Through him, they gained access to the major trade shows in South America and opened an office in Santiago de Chile. In 2017, 420 Fast Buds made a pact with Canada's Xotic Genetics, and through the Hightimes Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, they got in touch with other major seed banks in California. To sum up: Fast Buds can be seen all over the world.