Mars Hydro Grow Lights, Tents, and Ventilation

Choose Mars Hydro for affordable, reliable, and full-spectrum LED grow lights, tents, and ventilation. The most chosen brand worldwide for every indoor growing space.
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Mars Hydro FC 3000-EVO LED Grow Lights Top Quality
Mars Hydro TS LED Grow Lights

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Mars Hydro 4” 10cm Carbon Filter

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Mars Hydro Grow Tent

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Mars Hydro 4” 10cm Inline Duct Fan | Speed Controller

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Mars Hydro 4” 10cm Inline Duct Fan & Filter Kit | Speed Controller

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Mars Hydro is your go-to choice when looking for an affordable and reliable LED grow light. Elevate your small grow space with its compact size and low temperature, Mars Hydro LED systems offer the perfect balance between price and power. They are extremely popular among growers, especially for use in grow tents and other small spaces.

Full-Spectrum LED Lighting

Each Mars Hydro LED light is full-spectrum, meaning your plants are always bathed in the perfect color spectrum for optimal growth. These lights are not only energy-efficient but also stay cool, reducing your electricity bill and allowing you to place the lamp closer to your valuable plants. This increases the amount of light on your buds, leading to higher yields.

Passionate Team & Innovation

Forget the notion that China only brings cheap junk to the market. Today, China is the number one economic powerhouse in the world, with innovation at the forefront. Behind Mars Hydro is a team of international enthusiasts, dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services for indoor growers. Each team member is committed to the highest customer satisfaction, offering personal assistance and support.

Years of Experience in LED Grow Lights

Since 2009, nothing but research and development. Mars Hydro delivers high-quality and cost-effective growing equipment. With their commitment to environmentally friendly practices and sustainable cultivation, they support growers worldwide.

Why Choose Mars Hydro?

Independent innovation and over 15 years of experience in LED grow lighting. The most chosen brand on Grow Diaries for indoor cannabis cultivation. A 5-year warranty, testifying to their confidence in the quality of their products.

Recognized and Loved Worldwide

Mars Hydro is the number one brand on the renowned website GrowDiaries. Millions of growers around the world enjoy using Mars Hydro grow lights, tents, and ventilation systems.

Dutch-Headshop is an official dealer of Mars Hydro. We offer a growing range of Mars Hydro growing equipment and provide you with both Mars Hydro's service and Dutch-Headshop’s service. Ideal for your home growing adventure. Start growing healthy, robust cannabis plants with the best equipment on the market!