With our Nootropics everyone can rise above their usual performance. With the positive support of improved concentration, a long-lasting focus and a memory that will never let you down. Make use of the latest trend in cognitive improvements: Nootropics.

Now it's possible for everyone to show the very best version of yourself. Continue safely and in an affordable manner, where others stop. The word Nootropics or Smart drugs originated from the combination of the two Greek words note (mind) and trepein (bending). Loosely translated, this means bending or improving of the human brain. Nootropics is relatively new in the Netherlands and, just like many other trends, coming from the U.S.

Improve the Power of the Brain

There are many sorts of Nootropics or Nootropica, and all promote or improve different cognitive functions of the brain. You can improve your concentration, or promote the functioning of your memory. Other smart drugs help you to maintain an acceptable level of stress, or make you are able to function longer in general.

Nootropics come in many kinds. The operation also varies, of course. For example, there are ways to lift the brain to another level. Listed below is an overview of existing Nootropics and the areas where they can bring support:

  1. Adaptogenic Nootropics - Anti stress
  2. GABA-ergic Nootropics - Relaxation
  3. Serotonerge Nootropics - Cheering up
  4. Stimulants Nootropics - Concentration

Nootropics offer

There are many suppliers of supplements and raw materials that influence the functioning of our brains. We only sell the well-known, big labels, preferably produced in the Netherlands. In the area of food safety, these Dutch producers also have an excellent reputation. All the more reason to choose nootropics at the Dutch-Headshop.


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