Weed Pipes

A marijuana pipe allows you to smoke pure weed, hash or other herbs. Our extensive product assortment always has a marijuana pipe to your liking.

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Tune In Weed Pipe - Olive Wood (actiTube) 12 cm New!
Tune In Weed Pipe - Briar Wood (actiTube) 12 cm
Screen Prince Screenless Metal Weed Pipe 12 cm Silver
Heisenberg Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Kawum) 14 cm
Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Black Leaf) 12 cm
Glass Shotgun Weed Pipe 'BL Gold' (Black Leaf)
Wood Cannabis Pipe Rosewood 20cm
Wooden Weed Pipe Mango with Carbon Filter Adapter 15 cm
Tune In Weed Pipe - Pear Wood (actiTube) 12 cm Top Quality
Metal Creditcard Weed Pipe Magnetic Top Quality
Glass Pure Pipe (BREIT)
Pipe Weed en Palissandre 7,5 cm
Mikro Rocket Houten Wietpijp (Calumet Spiritpipes) Top Quality
Wooden Weed Pipe Ebony Brown (Black Leaf) 13 cm
Metal Weed Pipe Spring 9,5 cm
Aluminum Weed Pipe Skeleton

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Double Barrel Joint Holder | Cigarette Holder (RAW) 1¼
Tiny Bird Joint Bubbler (Black Leaf)
Trident Joint Holder | Cigarette Holder (RAW)
Wooden Cannabis Pipe Rosewood 10 cm

You like smoking pure hash, marijuana or other herbs? Then a marijuana pipe should definitely be part of your inventory. With a marijuana pipe, you can easily smoke your preferred herbs without tobacco. Marijuana pipes come in many shapes, and can be made of different materials.

How does a marijuana pipe work?

Smoking a marijuana pipe is pleasant and easy. You will smoke the herbs in pure form, so rolling a joint is not necessary. It is important though to place a gauze or screen in the bowl of the marijuana pipe. This way, vapors are properly filtered and it prevents crumbles getting into your mouth. Then, place the herbs in the bowl and start smoking the marijuana pipe. After smoking of the pipe, clean it, because ashes and residues remain in the pipe.


Dutch-Headshop has an extensive offer in marijuana pipes. Marijuana pipes can be made of different materials such as wood, stone and metal. Each material has its own advantage. These benefits are shown below.

  • Wood: Intense taste, preferred material for a marijuana pipe and easy to clean.
  • Stone: Provides a pleasant and intense smoking experience.
  • Metal: Functional, hardly affected by heat and easy to clean.


Each marijuana pipe has its own qualities and special features, but there are several pipes that stand out in terms of quality. The following products are highly recommended for fans of marijuana pipes:

  • Twisty Glass Blunt Marijuana pipe
  • Budbomb (XL)
  • Marijuana pipe Tune In - Pear wood 11.5 cm
  • Budbat
  • Share the pipe 3

These marijuana pipes are of course more expensive than other marijuana pipes, but the pleasant smoking experience they will give you, are worth the price.

Pipe accessories

To use and maintain marijuana pipes, you also need some items. You can find these products in the category pipe accessories. For cleaning the marijuana pipe we sell pipe cleaners. These cleaners ensure your pipe is completely cleaned, ready to be used next time. We also have individual screens and gauzes, in different sizes. Gauzes are essential when smoking a marijuana pipe.

Enjoy our pure smokables with a beautiful and functional marijuana pipe from Dutch-Headshop!