Everything for Harvesting, Curing and Drying Cannabis

Harvesting weed is just as important as the other phases of growing a weed plant. It is important that you determine the right moment by using your weed microscope. Weed is best cut with a good pair of scissors and for drying weed you can use a drying net. At the end, of course, you want to cure the weed for the best taste and quality. All the necessary equipment can be found on this page!

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Top Spinner Cannabis Trimming Machine 48cm
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Cannabis Drying Net | 8 layers 60 cm (Generico)
Verdemax Professional Pruning Shears
Boveda Boost 62% Humidity Regulator

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Drying rack stackable (The Pure Factory) 70x70cm
Cannabis Drying Net | 1 layer 45 cm (Mammoth)
Gram Scale 7001DX (My Weigh) 1 Gram
60-100x Microscope LED (Lumagny)
Weck Jar / Glass Jar for Curing Cannabis

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Cannabis Microscope LED (Lumagny)

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Zip Lock Bags 200x300 transparant (0.09mm)
30x Smartphone Microscope (Phonescope)
Boveda Boost 58% Humidity Regulator

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45x Mini Microscope LED (Neptune Hydroponics)
Leaf Kleen Pro Cannabis Cutter
Precision Scale I-500 (My Weigh) 0,1
Drying net (Homebox) 60cm

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Bonsai Scissors Mini | Precision Cannabis Cutter

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ScrOG net (Mammoth) 60-100cm2

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ScrOG net (Cultibox) 80-120cm2

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If you think you're done after germinating, sowing, growing and flowering, you're wrong. Harvesting your weed plants is just as important. A big advantage: the accessories that can make it easier for you can be found here!

What's involved in Harvesting Weed

Harvesting weed is an important phase of cultivation. When your weed plant is fully grown you should not think that all the work is done. When cutting, drying and curing your weed plant there are many things to think about. If you don't do things the right way then the quality of the weed can go down and you could even ruin the whole harvest. Also the moment when you can start harvesting is important.

At Dutch-Headshop you can find all sorts of things that can help you with the harvesting of your weed. From trimmers to drying nets. We go through all the phases of harvesting and tell you what equipment you can use.

When to harvest weed? Use a weed Microscope

It is a question that all growers encounter at some point. When can I harvest my weed? You have already been given an indication when you bought your weed seeds. The product information always states how long the blooming period of a particular strain lasts. Sometimes the month of harvest is also indicated. But that is not all. In order to know when you can harvest your weed, you actually need a weed microscope. You can use one to see the trichomes on your weed. These are tiny resin balls that are full of THC and other cannabinoids. Using a weed microscope you can see the colour of the trichomes. Are they all milky white and are there a few brown ones in between? Then that is the best time to harvest for the strongest weed. For more information see our blog: “How and when to harvest weed”.

Cutting weed with a good trimmer

Growers who have done it before know it: cutting weed is a time-consuming business. Whether you cut it wet or dry, a lot of hours go into it. To make the job easier and ensure that the quality of the weed remains as high as possible, you can use special weed scissors. These scissors are perfect for cutting weed. Take, for example, the Leaf Kleen Pro for the heavy duty work and the Precision Bonsai Trimmers for the sugar leaves.

Drying Weed with a drying net

You can dry weed in a box, on a washing line in a dark room or in a drying net. For the first two methods you can buy your own equipment. Do you want to cut weed wet and dry it on a drying net? Then we have some nice ones for you. Use a single layer weed drying net if you need to dry a small amount of weed. Go for a larger weed drying net with eight layers if you want to dry a large amount of weed.

Curing weed with a Weck pot and a moisture regulator

The last phase of weed harvesting should not be forgotten: curing. This is another word for hardening or ripening. By storing your weed in an airtight space under the right humidity, you allow it to mature. Bacteria get the chance to break down substances you do not want in your weed. Aromas and flavours will take over and you will notice that! You can cure your weed by using a glass weck pot and a moisture regulator. Check out the product page for more information.