Futurola Rollers, Papers, Cones, Tips & Tubes

Smoking & rolling joints is what you do with the smoking supplies from Futurola. All types of Futurola papers, cones, tips, tubes and joint rollers in stock & delivered quickly!

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Cones King-Size Brown Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm

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Futurola Joint Roller Top Quality

Starting at 13,95

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Cones King-Size Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm Best Buy

Starting at 8,95

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Futurola Blue Rolling Papers | King-Size Best Buy

Starting at 0,95

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Futurola Red Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

Starting at 0,95

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Slim Filter Tips / Roaches (Futurola)

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Wide Filter Tips / Roaches (Futurola)

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Futurola Brown Smoking Paper | King-Size Slim

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Joint Tube Futurola

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Futurola Medium Rolling Papers | Size 1 1⁄4

Starting at 0,80

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Big Joint Cones & Tubes (Futurola)

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Futurola Joint Roller small
Cones Slim-Size Brown Joint Tubes (Futurola) 98 mm 800 pieces New!
Cones Reefer-Size Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm 500 pieces New!
Futurola Brown Smoking Papers | King-Size

Starting at 0,95

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Cones Slim-Size Joint Tubes (Futurola) 98 mm 800 pieces New!
Cones Reefer-Size Brown Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm 500 pieces New!
Futurola Replacement Mat
Futurola Joint Roller remplacement pin + clip

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Whatever you need to roll a joint, you'll find it in our Futurola collection. At Dutch-Headshop you can buy almost everything from Futurola at the best possible price.

Why buy Futurola?

Futurola is a well-known name in the smoking and cannabis world. The brand was developed by brother and sister Evert & Yvonne Brandenburg. A family business that started to deliver products to the coffeeshop sector in Amsterdam. Over the years Futurola has grown into a leading brand for 4:20 friendly products. The brand has been operating for a long time now, not only in Amsterdam. Futurola is incredibly popular in the United States.

All products, such as Futurola papers, cones and joint rollers, are developed in-house. The production is also closely supervised by the company. As a result, the characteristic rolling papers, other paper products and rollers are always of excellent quality. Futurola is in continuous contact with the market. The latest developments and trends are absorbed and integrated into new products. But whether a product is old or new, all Futurola products are sold at very reasonable prices. Are you going for value for money? Buy Futurola.

Joint Roller

A hit was the Futurola Joint Roller. The joint rolling machine is found in the drawers of thousands of smokers around the world. A joint roller is the perfect tool if you can't roll a (good) joint. Weed, hash and/or tobacco is loaded in, a tip is added, rolling papers are put in and the roll is done. That's it! If you don't know the Futurola joint roller yet, find out about it now. You can buy them here in different colours.

Futurola Rolling paper

It all started with Futurola rolling paper in coffee shops. The classic red, black and blue packets can still be seen everywhere. For a small price you buy top quality long rolling papers made from rice paper. If there is one thing you can say about rolling papers, it is that they are super firm and roll wonderfully. You just have to choose between the different sizes, regular or unbleached rolling paper.

Futurola Tips

Do you want to buy normal tipbooks? No filters with all kinds of craziness but just the piece of paper that you can roll into a fine filter? M, W, spiral or with a gas chamber? Then go for Futurola tips. No silly frills. Just tips in slim size or extra wide.

Futurola Cones

If you don't feel like rolling and even the Joint Roller or rolling machine is too much trouble for you, the Amsterdam brand has something wonderful for you. Futurola cones come in all shapes and sizes. Brown rolling papers, extra long tips, large boxes of 1000 pieces? Nothing is too crazy when it comes to the Futurola cones collection. They all come with tips and fillers to fill them with your favorite weed, hash or tobacco. Want to go really crazy? Futurola cones are also available in 5 different party sizes. Cones up to 28 cm! If you can handle it.

Futurola Tubes

The brand is pretty much the inventor of the joint tubes. Futurola tubes can be found in almost every Dutch coffee shop. They have a large size so large, thick joints also fit in them. They are completely airtight so you can use them to put out your joint. The cap can even be used as a holder. To sum up: want to store a joint or take it somewhere with you? Futurola tubes are the perfect solution. Of course they are available in all kinds of colours.