Private Label

Our private label cannabis seeds are a great choice for the cost-conscious grower. High yields and delicious weed guaranteed!
Germination Guarantee
Free Germination Guarantee On all Dutch-Headshop private label seeds.

Our Private label cannabis seeds are produced by different large producers. These cannabis seeds are supplied to the Dutch-Headshop, who on their turn offer them to you. You can choose from a many different strains. Autoflowers, outdoor weed seeds, fast flowering, CBD seeds or a stunner with lots of THC? We have it all. The seeds guarantee high yields and delicious weed. This way you benefit from good quality, but cheap weed seeds.

Germination Guarantee

Do you want a guarantee that your cannabis seeds will germinate? Then opt for the private label cannabis seeds from Dutch-Headshop. We are proud of our private label seeds, so proud that we provide a free germination guarantee with all private label cannabis seeds!

Cannabis seeds remain natural products that, despite the best care, love, and attention, do not always germinate. At Dutch-Headshop, we prevent that by giving our private label cannabis seeds a germination guarantee. Nature can be unpredictable, but with us, you can always count on advice, certainty, and service.

Affordable weed seeds with the best quality

Private label cannabis seeds do not carry a label, and are therefore economically priced, compared to the big labels. No expenses are made in advertising, marketing or expensive packaging. This makes it possible to buy these cannabis seeds for a relatively low price. Perfect for growers who prefer no spending too much money on cannabis seeds.

Do not let the price of our cheap weed seeds fool you. Dutch-Headshop supplies only the best seeds. We pay close attention to the quality of the seeds. Each strain is thoroughly researched, so that we can provide every grower with all the necessary information. This way we can make sure that with our cheap weed seeds you can achieve incredible results.

Curious about the whole story behind our cheap weed seeds? Read the extensive blog on why you should choose our private label weed seeds. Could you use some help with germination? Then read the article about germinating weed seeds.

Choose the best private label weed seeds yourself 

There are dozens of private label strains waiting for you in our web shop. Regular photoperiod strains, autoflowers, CBD seeds, THC-rich strains, fast flowering and much more. So how do you find the right strain for you? It's quite simple! Use the filters on this page to choose the best private label weed seeds for yourself. You can for example filter on difficulty, smell, THC percentage, height of the plant, flowering time and much more. Take our word for it: among our cheap weed seeds there is something for everyone. You just have to find out which one it is going to be.

Free germination kit

If you purchase any of our private label weed seeds, you will receive a free germination kit. The germination kit contains a germination tray, two cotton pads, instructions and cutting cards. All made from biodegradable materials. This way, we spare the environment a little and you can start germinating immediately after delivery of your weed seeds. And it's super easy and effective!

Our Private Label Cannabis Seeds

Although the cannabis seeds have no label attached, there is still a wide offer of Private Label cannabis seeds. All seeds are of good quality, though there are some products that stand out. These products are listed below and described.

Amnesia Haze has a THC level of 20%, and is therefore one of the strongest strains. The Amnesia Haze is known for its quickly hitting, long-lasting high. Also, this weed gives a body and mental high. The package contains five top quality seeds.

The Girl Scout Cookies is described by experts as one of the best cannabis strains from Northern California. The Girl Scout Cookies won many awards. It won the Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Cup, among others, and was voted the best hybrid of 2013. This strong cannabis strain has a THC level of 17 to 28 percent, and is known for its euphoric and calming effects.

The Super Silver Haze is a legendary marijuana strain that has won many awards since 1997. With a THC level of 19%, it is a strong strain inducing an intense mental and physical high. Typical for this marijuana plant is its long flowering time and the plant's size. It is not a plant that can easily be grown indoors or outdoors.

You would like to grow marijuana but you are looking for quality seeds, for an affordable price? Then Private Label cannabis seeds are highly recommended. Order them easily and quickly at the Dutch-Headshop.

Private Label Autoflower Seeds

Besides regular feminized weed seeds (photoperiod strains), we also have a large number of private label autoflower seeds in our product range. These cheap weed seeds go into the flowering phase automatically. So you don't necessarily need a light schedule. Also, the cultivation time is much shorter with autoflower seeds. This makes our private label autoflower seeds very suitable for beginners. To give you a taste of what's to come, we have listed a number of autoflowering top seeds for you. Use them to your advantage!

Need help with our Private Label Seeds?

Do you still have questions about our private label weed seeds? Or are you unable to choose from the many strains and would like some advice? Then please contact our customer service.