Weck Jar / Glass Jar for Curing Cannabis

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Do you want to cure or store weed in a really good way? Buy a super-strong, airtight and odour-free Weck preserving jar! Glass jars with lid in 6 sizes. Small Weck jars for the smallest harvest or just for preserving a bit of weed. Large glass jars for the biggest harvest or for curing weed. Each Weck preserving jar is fitted with a rubber sealing ring and clip closing mechanism. They are made from extra thick glass so they don’t break if you accidentally drop them. Looking to buy glass jars with a lid or Weck jars? Then you’re at the right place with us!

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Weck preserving jar or Weck preserving bottle for Curing Weed 

Did you have a good harvest? In that case it is time to allow your weed to ripen. We call that curing the weed. It can considerably enhance the smell and taste of your green gold. The best product for curing weed is a Weck preserving jar! Thanks to their rubber bands and clip closing mechanism these glass pots with lid are 100% airtight. This enables you to allow your weed to ripen in one of these Weck preserving jars/bottles in just the right way. You can also use them as storage jars for keeping weed in. They look great and you can always keep an eye on your prestigious buds if you want. A Weck preserving bottle is the number #1 for curing and storing weed!

Weck preserving jars in Various Sizes:

  • Tiny Weck preserving jar - 0.35 litres
  • Small Weck preserving jar - 0.5 litres
  • Weck preserving jar - 0.75 litres
  • Weck preserving bottle - 1 litre
  • Glass storage jar - 1.5 litres
  • Large glass storage jar - 2 litres

How is Weed Cured?

Curing weed is a technique in which the weed is dried and ripened in a controlled manner. The idea is to remove residual moisture from the buds without losing the taste and effect of the weed. The curing is best done by storing the weed under conditions of strictly controlled humidity. A Weck preserving jar is ideal for this purpose. You can store your weed under airtight conditions in one of these glass jars and throw in an Boveda Boost bag (see recommended products) to maintain a suitable humidity (58 or 62%). 

Curing weed has many more advantages. But you have to do it properly. Curing weed in the wrong way can have terrible consequences. Read our blogs so you can go about harvesting, drying and curing weed as professionally as possible.

Weck Preserving Jar Advantages :

  • Very tough
  • Airtight and odour-free - good for curing weed
  • Stylish and transparent - good for storing weed
  • Can also be used as glass jars for sweets, herbs or other storage.
  • Constant humidity with Boveda Boost (recommended products)
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Weck Jar / Glass Jar for Curing Cannabis

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