Space Cake Dosage Calculator

How many grams of weed to put in a space cake? How many slices per person? Curious about the right dosage of space cake? This calculator helps you to always use the right dosage. Enter your desired effect and answer some other questions. The calculator shows how much THC is in a slice of space cake, but also how many grams of weed you need for that! Use the Space cake Dosage Calculator below to calculate a good dosage for you. In the detailed description below the calculator we will tell you all about how the calculator works and what you can expect at the different dosages.

Your attention please: we have made this calculator for you to calculate an average dose of THC per dose of space cake, hash brownies or other edibles. It is important to note that this calculation is for a space cake made with weed butter. When making weed butter and culinary weed oil, it is estimated that about 40% loss of THC occurs. Halve the amount of weed if you are making edibles without weed butter or culinary weed oil. Although we take body weight into account, we cannot take your build, tolerance or digestion into account. 1 in 20 people are hypersensitive to THC and will experience a space cake up to ten times more intense than others. Do not eat four hours beforehand and always take a lower dose if you are doing it for the first time. The calculations are estimates based on data that can be found freely on the internet and can therefore not be considered binding.

The dosages on this page are based on weed butter, weed coconut oil or other culinary weed oil.

Space cake Dosage

Cool, you are going to make hash brownies or space cake! All edible weed products are called edibles, by the way. So whether you're eating gummy bears, hash milk or brownies, the effects and dosage are the same. That is, if you read the part in italics above. Apart from an easy-to-follow recipe, of course, it is important to know how many grams of weed you need. But to determine that, you need to know five things:

  1. Your build and body weight.
  2. Whether you have experience with space cake and/or smoking weed.
  3. How strong your weed is (approximately).
  4. Look at the recipe. How many slices of cake (servings) can you make with this recipe?
  5. What do you expect from the space cake effect?

Fortunately, all these steps are built into the calculator above. So there is no need to consult obscure internet forums anymore. But what do the options under, for example, the desired effect mean?

Space cake Effect: What can you expect?

The effect of a space cake depends mainly on how much THC you ingest. The three biggest differences between a space cake and smoking weed or vaping are the length of the effects, the dosage and how long it takes for the effects to occur. The effects of all the substances in weed can be read here.


Space cake

Smoking/vaping Weed

What is an average dosage?

5-10 mg THC

65-100 mg THC

When will you start to notice?

After about 1 hour to 2 hours.

Directly until after 10 minutes.

How long does the effect last?

4 to 10 hours.

1 to 4 hours.

Because a space cake takes longer to take effect than a joint, many people make the mistake of taking another slice. Do not do this. Never take an extra dose in the first two hours after taking edibles.

The dosage determines the effect of a space cake. Check here what you can expect from a specific dose. These doses only apply to edibles and not to smoking or vaping!

1 - 2,5 mg: Micro dosing

Micro dosing THC is fairly new. With the popularity of Microdosing Part 1: Magic Truffles, people have also started experimenting with ingesting a very low dose of weed. Weed micro dosing is fairly easy with a vaporizer but with a space cake it is even more accurate. With 1 - 2,5 mg THC per dose you can experience an increased focus and creativity. It is too little to really feel under the influence and your coordination is almost unaffected. THC is also known to reduce pain, stress and anxiety. Don't expect too much of that with a micro dose. The mild physical anaesthesia can make you feel good.

2,5 - 15 mg: Slight Euphoria

With a space cake dosage of 2,5 - 15 mg THC you experience a somewhat stronger reduction in pain. Now your coordination and perception also start to decrease. Sensitive users already experience a slight euphoria. This is a feeling of unbeatable happiness that just comes over you. You find the world a little more beautiful and loving. This is a good dose to sleep on or for when you have never eaten space cake before.

15 - 30 mg: Mellow High

Getting high is different for everyone. A high is exclusively a mental effect in which your perception is different from normal. With this 15 - 30 mg THC you experience the world a bit rosier and you feel a kind of tingling that is difficult to describe. In any case, it makes you very happy. The physical effects are also stronger. You can feel your body a bit less and you are a bit light-headed. Moreover, it becomes more difficult to walk in a straight line. If you are familiar with the effects of weed in general, then we recommend that you keep to this dosage per serving of edibles.

30 - 50 mg: Psychedelic High

Depending on your experience, build and fat percentage (sorry!) your space cake experience will be much stronger at 30 - 50 mg THC. The tingling in your head starts to increase. It stimulates your perception and you start to perceive space and time differently. Your mate who is now in the kitchen seems much closer than he really is. Minutes seem to last hours or time seems to fly by. By the way, it is absolutely not the same as hallucinating on magic mushrooms or magic truffels. For that we have a special magic mushroom dosage calculator! This dosage makes your body a lot heavier and you start to feel the first effects of being stoned. Arms and legs are a bit numb and heavy and you feel relaxed and happy. For inexperienced users, this dose can be exciting or annoying. Therefore we do not recommend it for a first time user.

50 - 80 mg: Super Stoned

While your brain is tingling with bizarre thoughts, your body feels like concrete. That happens if you do not have much experience with THC. People with a lot of experience with edibles such as space cakes and gummi bears love this dose. The so-called sweet spot. Expect a strong euphoria and greatly reduced coordination. Good medicinal dose, if you can tolerate it. Otherwise you will get dizzy and nauseous at 50 - 80 mg THC in edibles.

80 - 150 mg: Completely Floored (Couch-Lock)

When you have couch-lock on your hands, you want nothing more than to hang out on the sofa. Every muscle you flex causes dizziness and then nausea. It goes without saying that this dosage is very unpleasant for beginners. But if you have a high tolerance, smoke a lot of weed or simply weigh 120 kilos, then 80 - 150 mg THC is the (medicinal) dose that will help you. Moreover, after the spinning you get an enormous food kick.

First Aid for Space cake Dosage

Did you get the dosage wrong? Do not worry. This is what you can do if you have eaten too much or too little space cake for the desired effect.

Still not feeling anything after an hour? Then have an apple or a banana to get your digestion going. Do not eat another slice of space cake.

Some people have difficulty absorbing THC through the digestivesystem. If you have eaten space cake several times without any effect, you can try leaving your edibles under your tongue for a while. That's not working for you either? Then you're better off using a vaporizer.

Do you appear to be oversensitive to THC or have you taken too much? Then stay calm and relax on the couch. Get a glass of water and take some time for yourself. It will pass.

Two things that really work with an "overdose"* of THC: 

  • A high dose of CBD (50-200 mg) | 1-2 full pipettes 20% CBD oil
  • Freshly grated lemon peel 

* People hardly ever go to the emergency room just because they have eaten too much space cake. Usually alcohol is also involved.

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