Hash Vaporizer | Best Vaporizers for Hash Vaping

Vaping hash is not as easy as it seems. Not all vaporizers are suitable for a nice piece of hash. That's why we've compiled a list of all the vaporizers that can handle it. Use the filters to find the best hash vaporizer or vape pen for you. From vape pens to all-rounders. Budget or luxury. You'll find it all here!

Here you will find the largest collection of hash vaporizers and vape pens. We have tested every vaporizer ourselves. That's why we know exactly whether the device is suitable for hash or not. We also provide tips on the best way to vape hash with each vaporizer. 

What is a Hash Vaporizer

A vaporizer is an electric device through which you vaporize smokables instead of burning them. Less harmful substances are released than when smoking and you don't use tobacco. That's why vaping hash is healthier than smoking a hash joint. But beware: not all hash vaporizers are suitable for a delicious piece of super polm. If your vaporizer is not suitable, the hash can destroy your entire vaporizer. So don't just pick any model, but check out the models on this page. Here you'll only find vaporizers and vape pens that can handle it. This way you can be sure you can enjoy your vape for a long time.

Vape Pen or Vaporizer

What is the difference between a vape pen and a hash vaporizer? A vape pen is made to vaporize concentrates. In a vape pen you can also vaporize BHO, shatter, wax and other dabs. With the necessary modifications, you can also put in a piece of hash. A vaporizer, on the other hand, is always suitable for weed and dry herbs. Only the more luxurious models contain extra accessories that you can use to vape hash. In other words: do you want to vape hash as well as weed? Then you should choose a (hash) vaporizer. Do you only want to vaporize hash? Then choose a vape pen!

What is the best way to vape hash?

With the hash vaporizers and vape pens on this page you can vape hash. Sometimes you need an extra accessory to do this. Usually this comes included with the vaporizer you buy, but sometimes it doesn't. Therefore you should look carefully at the information on the product pages to see if you need extra accessories for vaping hash. 

You should know that when you heat hash, it becomes a liquid and sticky substance. With vaporizers that are not suitable, this substance can crawl to places where it does not belong. For example, if the oven is not completely sealed and it flows into the heating element. This causes the vaporizer to stop working. Then there is another problem. When you have finished vaping hash, it cools down again and becomes very hard. The residue is nearly impossible to get out of the vaporizer. Most hash vaporizers come with special screens or drip pads. These prevent the hash from sticking and therefore keep your vaporizer clean. In some cases we specify that the vaporizer is suitable for hash, provided you use Vape Wool. This is degummed hemp fiber. Make a bed of this in your oven, crumble some hash on it and put another layer on top. Then you can be sure that your vaporizer stays clean. Whether or not Vape Wool is necessary to vape hash with a particular vaporizer can be found in the specifications.

Vaporizer for Hash

Basically you can vaporize all hash types in a vaporizer. There is no such thing as vaporizer hash. The harder types often take a little longer to vaporize properly. Do keep one rule of thumb in mind at all times: when vaping hash it is important that you break the hash into small pieces. The vaporizer cannot vaporize large chunks evenly. This is inefficient and a waste of your hash. Our last tip: vaporize hash at a reasonably high temperature (at least 190 degrees Celsius). Only at this temperature can the hash become liquid and can it be properly vaporized. 

The Best Vaporizers for Hash

What is the best hash vaporizer or vape pen? Our team has tested all vaporizers and therefore knows how to answer this question. While testing we examined ease of use, taste and accessories that make hash vaping possible. These are our best hash vaporizers!

Buying a Hash Vaporizer

If you have read this text you know everything you need to know to be able to vaporize a nice piece of hash. You can now buy a hash vaporizer with full confidence. Also read the product descriptions carefully or use our blogs. Use the filters on this page to find the perfect hash vaporizer for you. Can't find it? Our customer service is ready to help you!