Fertilizer from BAC - Suitable for Organic Cannabis Cultivation

BAC is a Dutch producer of plant nutrition with a focus on stimulating soil life and microorganisms. Important for healthier and more robust cannabis plants, but also for sustainability, environmental friendliness, and thus your health.

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Bio Clone | Rooting Powder Gel (BAC) 100 ml Organic
Organic Bloom Stimulator (BAC) 120 ml Organic
Organic PK Booster (BAC) 500 ml Organic
Funky Fungi Soil Improver Organic (BAC) 50 grams Organic
Starter Set Cannabis Nutrients Big Organic (BAC) Organic
Organic Root Stimulator (BAC) 120 ml Organic
X-Seed | Plant Enhancers (BAC) 10 ml Organic
Bio Tablets Soil Improver (BAC) 12 pieces Organic
 Cannabis Fertilizer | Organic Grow (BAC) 1 liter Organic
Cannabis Fertilizer | Organic Bloom (BAC) 1 liter Organic

BAC, or Biological Activated Cocktail, offers a wide range of organic and mineral nutrients ideal for hobbyist growers. With BAC's in-depth knowledge of soil life and microorganisms, they develop products that help your cannabis plants thrive without going deeper than what's healthy for the plant.

BAC stands out with its focus on both organic and mineral plant nutrition, with products aimed at stimulating soil life and microorganisms. This approach leads to a healthier and more robust growth process for your cannabis plants. Additionally, almost all of BAC's products are suitable for organic cannabis cultivation. Why is that better or at least important?

Water Purification and Environmental Friendliness

BAC is committed to sustainable cultivation and environmentally friendly practices. In addition to nutritional products, BAC specializes in water purification, which is essential for the health of your plants and the environment.

Organic cannabis cultivation is better for the plant, your health, and the environment. The use of natural nutrients and repellents guarantees a pure and clean end product, free from harmful chemicals. This is especially important since cannabis is consumed by inhaling or ingesting it. Moreover, it contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly awareness. Water, and thus plant nutrition, inevitably returns to streams, brooks, rivers, and lakes. What is in the water ends up in our drinking water. It's all interconnected.

Certified Quality

Many of BAC's organic products are certified with the Vegan Label, underscoring their commitment to quality and sustainability. No animal products have been used in the production of these fertilizers. This is also better for the environment. Did you know, for example, that it takes at least three times as much drinking water to feed animals as it does to feed plants? In addition, the livestock industry (not even the petrochemical industry) is the world's largest polluter of surface water. These are facts that you can easily verify online.

Dutch Quality Brand

As a Dutch company, BAC brings local expertise and knowledge in plant nutrition. This knowledge has grown out of a deep-rooted tradition in agriculture and horticulture. So, these are local products, with Dutch common sense, backed by scientific innovation.

Tailored Nutrition for Every Stage

Every stage of your cannabis plant requires specific nutrients. BAC has products for cuttings, seedlings, the growth phase, and the flowering phase, with the right balance of nutrient elements for optimal plant growth. Once you see the first signs of flowering, you can easily switch to BAC's flowering nutrition. And that's necessary because plants require a different diet when they start flowering.

Plant Stimulators for Extra Strength

In addition to BAC's basic nutrition for growth and flowering, the plant stimulators are designed to feed the microorganisms in the soil and optimize nutrient uptake by your plants. These products promote healthy growth and increase the yield and quality of your cannabis.

Discover BAC's high-quality plant nutrition now at Dutch-Headshop's grow shop and give your cannabis plants the nutrition they deserve for lush growth, flowering, and yield without harming the environment and water.