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Within this category, you will find all our cannabis indica strains, and we explain the benefits, characteristics, and effects of these strains.
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On this page you can find all kinds of indica weed strains. With these weed seeds you can easily grow your own indica weed. We have weed seeds of the best brands in stock for you. Keep reading to learn more about indica strains and weed seeds of this species.

Origins of Indica Weed

Indica cannabis originated in Asia. In contrast to Sativa plants, the weed plants like to grow in high-altitude areas and were first found in areas such as the Himalayas, Hindu Kush and the Karakoram mountain range. To be precise, in the northern parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. The French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was the first to mention Indica in 1785. Yes, weed is older than you might think.

What is the difference between indica and sativa? And are there also pure indica or sativa cannabis seeds for sale? You will find answers to all your questions in our articles:

In the ‘60s and ‘70s Indica weed plants made it to the West. This was in part thanks to travelling hippies who had discovered the plant’s effects. They talked to Europeans about weed and its cultivation. It very quickly became clear that cannabis had been welcomed with open arms in the Netherlands, for example.

Cannabinoids in Indica Weed

Cannabinoids are in every type of cannabis. These are substances which can bind themselves to receptors in your body which control feelings such as appetite, pain, tiredness and many other elements. As well as the familiar substances THC and CBD, there are many more active cannabinoids in Sativa and Indica weed. Then there are the terpenes. These are substances which can change the taste and the effects. For example, Indica contains the terpene β-myrcene which, in combination with THC, can get you very stoned. Indica is also the weed which has the most effect on the body and which is most commonly used for chilling and relaxing. It is very high in THC. Which results in the body high effect or even couch lock. Sativa, on the other hand, affects your head more and gives you a more energetic feeling than Indica weed.

Sativa vs. Indica Effects

Cannabis can affect everyone differently. But it does depend on the species and strain you smoke. Take sativa vs indica for example. Indica strains are said to make you more physically stoned than mentally high. Sativas provide uplifting effects and indicas more for relaxation. In reality the effects of sativa and indica overlap a lot, since most strains are actually hybrids. But there are a number of effects which are mostly linked to Indica cannabis.

  • More stoned than high. Thus more of a feeling throughout your whole body.
  • Works to relax and relieve stress.
  • Rich in THC and therefore good for combatting physical pain.
  • The whole body feeling can help you to sleep well.
  • Increases appetite sometimes leading to the so-called munchies.

Cannabis Indica Strains

You can grow many cannabis indica strains yourself. Whether you want a high yield, strong plant, short flowering time, high THC percentage or typical indica effects. We have the seeds for you. There are a large number of indica strains available: outdoor weed seeds, indoor weed seeds, fast flowering, autoflowers, CBD seeds and medicinal weed seeds. All indica strains have their own characteristics. Check out the respective categories for more information.

We also have Cannabis Cup Winners in this category. Indica strains that have won a prize at a renowned cannabis cup such as that of High Times or Highlife. So you know for sure that the indica weed you're going to grow is of top quality.

Why Indica weed seeds?

Indica and Sativa cannabis seeds each have their own benefits. The major reasons for choosing Indica seeds are:

  • Indica weed is often a bit richer in THC.
  • The plants are compact and therefore attract less attention
  • Indica has a higher yield by surface area
  • Shorter flowering time than Sativa (6 to 8 weeks)
  • The short flowering time makes it suitable for indoor cultivation
  • Also suitable for a short summer season (outside cultivation)

Appearance of Indica cannabis plants

As well as their differing origin and effect, the weed plants also look different. You can recognise Indica plants by their size. They stay somewhat smaller than Sativa plants and don’t grow over the fence or balcony so quickly. Indica is a bit broader. You can also recognise Indica from its leaves: these are somewhat broader and less fine than Sativa ones.

Would you really like to know everything about different weed types? Then check out our blog! Here you’ll find the answer to all your questions about Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, Autoflower and a whole lot more.

Favorite Cannabis Indica Strains

There are a number of indica strains that are incredibly popular. Here is a list of indica weed strains to grow yourself. Hundreds of other growers have been there before you. These are our bestsellers.

Indoor Indica Strains

  • Wedding Cake (Dutch-Headshop)
  • CBD Kush (Dutch Passion)
  • Mazar (Dutch Passion)
  • Mendocino Skunk (Paradise Seeds)
  • Pineapple Chunk (Barney’s Farm)
  • Purple Queen (Dutch-Headshop)

Outdoor Indica Strains

  • Gorilla Glue (Dutch-Headshop)
  • Blueberry (Dutch Passion)
  • Himalaya Gold (Greenhouse Seeds)
  • Tangerine G13 (Amsterdam Genetics)
  • CBD Critical Mass (Dutch-Headshop)

Autoflower Indica Strains

  • Auto Bubble Gum (Dutch-Headshop)
  • Fat Banana Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
  • White Choco Autoflower (Amsterdam Genetics)
  • Auto Night Queen (Dutch Passion)
  • Big Bang Autoflower (Greenhouse Seeds)

Our brands

Our range consists of Indica weed seeds from the best brands on the market. These are the major ones:

  • Greenhouse Seed Company has won many international Cannabis Cups in the past 25 years of existence, making it one of the most successful seed banks in the world. The complete line of genetics from Greenhouse Seeds is the result of intensive cultivation, crossing and backcrossing, resulting in a varied range of premium quality feminized seeds. Choose among autoflowering cannabis seeds, CBD cannabis seeds or seeds especially made for growing in specific conditions. Anyhow, Greenhouse Seed Co. is market leader in cannabis seeds with specific, delicious flavors and aromas.
  • The Amsterdam Dutch Passion officially opened its doors in 1987, but the extensive cannabis genetics that formed the basis for the Dutch company dates back to the 1970s. Dutch Passion stands for expertise and Dutch pride. Dutch Passion's expert growers are the inventors of feminized cannabis seeds and they recently stepped into the flourishing world of CBD oil. For good reasons Dutch Passion won more than 50 Cannabis Cups with their world-famous cannabis genetics.
  • Barney’s Farm Seed company from Amsterdam is a team of experienced growers that work with cannabis seeds since its start in the 80s. Thanks to its experience, Barney's Farm is able to produce very high-quality seeds.
  • Royal Queen Seeds' mantelpiece is full with awards. Take the Special Queen #1, Royal Dwarf Autoflower and Northern Light, for example. These plants earned the renowned cannabis Cup from Highlife and High Times. The ability to win is a result of the unique genetic line, based on 20 years of professional experience in cultivation.

Private Label Indica Seeds

As well as Indica weed seeds from the best-known brands, we also have our own house brand at Dutch-Headshop. Specially selected marijuana seeds from the best seed banks. These private label marijuana seeds are a good choice for the price-conscious grower, as there are no expenses for advertising and marketing. These are good quality seeds.