Top 10 CBD Products

The best CBD products from our CBD shop in a row. This is Dutch-Headshop's CBD top 10. CBD cream, CBD oil and even CBD weed seeds. Discover the bestsellers.

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CBD Oil (Jacob Hooy) 2,75% CBD - 25%

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Soothing CBD Skin Balm (Hemptouch) 50 ml
CBD Oil Raw (Wedihemp) 18% 10 ml Top Quality
CBD Night | CBD + Melatonin (Hemplife) 20 ml Sleep better
CBD Oil Raw (Wedihemp) 5% Top Quality

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CBD Capsules Raw (Wedihemp) 5% 27 mg 60 caps
CBD Oil 10% (Hemplife)

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CBD Oil - 10 Best CBD Products

In this category you will find the 10 best and most sold CBD products from Dutch-Headshop. Here we take a closer look at our collection. Apart from CBD oil, you will also find CBD cream, CBD weed seeds and other CBD products. Here are some of the top products!

CBD Melatonin

Specially made for bedtime, we highlight Hemplife CBD Night. This CBD oil contains not only 200 mg CBD but also 15 mg melatonin per bottle. Special about this formula is that it's not oil, but pure spring water. For a peaceful night.

CBD products contain the special and healthy substance Cannabidiol (CBD). What all these CBD products in this category have in common is that they contribute to a healthier lifestyle. At the Dutch-Headshop, we have an ample CBD product offer of the very best labels. Whether you are looking for soothing CBD ointment or concentrated CBD paste; Dutch-Headshop has it all.

  • Raw CBD oil with 5% CBD from Wedihemp
  • Beneficial CBD ointment for the problematic skin from Hemptouch
  • CBD capsules from Sana Hemp Juice for a fixed dose
  • Highly concentrated CBD paste from Endoca

The Effect of CBD

CBD is a substance found in the hemp plant and its shape is similar to the body's own substances anandamide and 2-AG. Therefore, these substances influence the body's own cannabinoid system, and CBD consequently has an effect on the immune system and cognitive and motor functions. CBD is not psychoactive. You will not get high or stoned from CBD. CBD ensures the nervous system responds differently to the body's signals, among other effects.


The most important producer of high-quality CBD oil is undoubtedly Wedihemp. The Austrian family business was founded several years ago, based on the desire to be less dependent on chemical medicines, but still with the ability to combat all kinds of diseases.

The power of hemp has long been known and in sunny Austria, the first 15 hectares of industrial hemp were planted between the characteristic grape vines, to meet the growing need of healing hemp. And this demand has only increased. Nowadays, 500 hectares of hemp are managed by Wedihemp and the company has been awarded the prestigious organic SKAL certification. At the Dutch-Headshop, next to Wedihemp's organic CBD oil, we also sell:

  • Cannabigold
  • Jacob Hooy
  • Hemptouch
  • Endoca

Verified quality

Quality is a measurable concept. The producers of our delicious and fair CBD product are also aware of that. Therefore, quality is ensured through analyzes. This way, you know exactly which and how much cannabinoids your CBD oil contains. Simply order the very best CBD products at the Dutch-Headshop.