Grow tent for Growing Cannabis Indoors

With our range of quality grow tents, you grow vigorous cannabis plants all year round and optimize your harvest.

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What is a grow tent?

A grow tent is a tent designed for growing cannabis plants indoors. Because a grow tent is designed to prevent air leakage as much as possible, it is the ideal space to create a controlled environment. The inside of a grow tent has a reflective material, in order to get optimal distribution of light and heat from the lights. Weed grow tents are often equipped with several openings. These are intended for power cords and extraction, among other things.

Why a grow tent?

A grow tent allows you to grow cannabis plants year-round. When you grow outdoors, you are dependent on the season. This is because temperature and available sunlight are limiting factors. A grow tent allows you to mimic these external factors through lights, ventilation and irrigation. A grow tent provides a safe, controllable environment for your cannabis plant. This makes the chance of diseases, pests or vermin much less likely than when your little plant is outside.

What do you need to complete your grow tent?

In addition to the tent, there are a number of supplies to complete your grow space:

  • Grow lamp: lighting is an essential part of your grow space. Nowadays, LED lamps with extensive functionalities for the different growth stages of your cannabis plants are often chosen.
  • Carbon filter: this filter ensures that the odor emitted by the cannabis plant is neutralized thanks to the binding effect of the active carbon.
  • Ventilation: an extractor ensures air circulation within the tent. Warm air is sucked out of the tent through the filter. This brings fresh air back in. The smell of the old air also comes through the filter and extractor through the air hoses at the desired location.

How big should a grow tent be?

Grow tents are often square in shape, so they are as long as they are wide. How many plants you can put in a grow tent depends on your growing method. For example, more plants fit on the same surface area with the SOG method than with the ScrOG method. If you choose the ScrOG method then you can assume:

  • 60x60cm: 1-2 cannabis plants
  • 80x80cm: 3-4 cannabis plants
  • 100x100cm 5 cannabis plants

How do you assemble a grow tent?

To make sure we know what we're talking about and what we're selling, we assembled the grow tents ourselves. At the editorial office at Dutch-Headshop we managed to do so without any difficulty. However, we found out that with larger sized grow tents, for example those of 100 by 100 cm, it is wise to do this job together with someone. In the instruction manual that comes with the grow tent you will find an easy to follow step-by-step plan. Assembling the tents strongly reminded us of those little children's tents with those long poles you click together.

Assortment of grow tents

Our assortment includes grow tents of different brands and sizes. This way there is a suitable grow box for every grower. If you want to start small and save space, choose a grow tent of about 60 by 60 centimeters. Want to grow 5 plants at once? Then you need a tent of 100 by 100 centimeters.

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