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Turmeric: the superfood trend of 2017 that still stands today. Check out our complete range of this special, yellow food supplement right away. From capsules to powders. What about, for example, a tasty cup of Turmeric tea or Golden Latte? Enjoy!

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Chaga Turmeric Latte Organic (Mushrooms4Life) 120 grams Organic
Kurkuma Capsules (Taka Turmeric) 500 mg

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Turmeric Tea Golden Ginger (Taka Turmeric) 15 sachets
Turmeric Tea Golden Hibiscus (Taka Turmeric) 15 sachets
Turmeric Tea Rooibos & Honeybush (Taka Turmeric) 15 sachets
Turmeric Tea Golden Chai (Taka Turmeric) 15 sachets

Turmeric: crowned Superfood of 2017

We are sure you noticed; turmeric is hip! Many food bloggers have already brought attention to turmeric. Furthermore, the USA Today crowned turmeric the superfood trend of the year 2017. A 'new' superfood that comes to conquer the world, with its versatile applications and delicious taste. Well, new? Turmeric has been around for centuries. Nonetheless, people are extremely enthusiastic about turmeric and go ahead buying turmeric. Products and nutritional supplements with this spice are put on the market in large quantities. Many Foodbloggers are completely wild about this superfood, including Rens Kroes. This famous Food Blogger already indicated to be a turmeric fan. And for good reasons! Turmeric has a number of supporting properties for the user.

Where do we know turmeric from?

Turmeric is hot, happening and hip. But what do we actually know about these spices? Turmeric is made from the Curcuma Longa. This is a plant from Southeast Asia that that is mainly grown in India. It provides for the yellow glow in your Indian curry. Very tasty. However, turmeric is anything but new. This dietary supplement has been around for a long time. Why did it got so popular, recently? Turmeric caught the attention of foodbloggers and this yellow powder was consequently very well marketed. The result: you can easily buy turmeric everywhere. Stores, supermarkets and online - with us. We offer you special turmeric products. Easy turmeric drinks, tea or capsules.

Is Turmeric Healthy?

At this moment, one can not think of a kitchen without turmeric (also called turmeric root), but is turmeric also healthy? Yes! Turmeric has a number of supporting elements for body and mind. For example, it contains the substance curcumin; an antioxidant. Particularly when adding black pepper and coconut, curcumin promotes internal cleaning. Turmeric has a tasty, curry-like flavor. Delicious for wok dishes, with chicken, to bake or simply pouring in your milk (Golden Milk) Briefly: the possibilities with turmeric are endless.

With our Turmeric Recipes you are ready within seconds!

Turmeric recipes come in many shapes and sizes. Some require you spend more time in the kitchen than others. At the Dutch-Headshop we love fast, easy and natural. Our products allow you, for example, to put Golden Milk on the table in no time.

Want to buy turmeric? Be inspired and look at these winners from our product range:

  • Turmeric Capsules; for a quick absorption by the body.
  • Golden Latte; super-fast with a mix of mild herbs.
  • Golden Cocoa; beware! So tasty, it's addictive ;-).
  • Turmeric tea combined with hibiscus for optimal refreshment!

Want to buy turmeric? Ordered Today = Sent Today!

Our turmeric product category provides many options. For example, you can buy it as a powder, but also in the form of capsules. This allows you to experience all the benefits of turmeric, without the need to taste it. Easy and fast. In particular practical if you do not like the taste. Be inspired and buy turmeric easily in our webshop! Ordered today = sent today.