Vegetative Fertilizer for Cannabis | Big and Strong Plants

After you have germinated your cannabis seeds with great care, the growth period begins. This is a crucial phase for your cannabis plant. With cannabis fertilizer of, for instance, Plagron, you cater to all possible needs of your cannabis plant. This way you keep your cannabis plant(s) healthy and increase your future yield. Give your cannabis plant a glorious start in the growing phase with our cannabis fertilizer!

Let Your Cannabis Plant Grow! 

After germinating, the growing phase starts. A cannabis seed grows into a large, sturdy cannabis plant. However, the growing phase of cannabis plant(s) does not go by without a struggle. Many leaf problems and nasty vermin lie in wait. Persistent problems that are not always in your control. Cannabis plants simply demand more attention than a regular houseplant. That is why we always advise: Use quality cannabis fertilizer from, for instance, Plagron. This keeps your cannabis plant healthy and maximizes your yield of your cannabis plants. 

Cannabis Fertilizers in the Growth Phase

How important are cannabis fertilizer during the growth phase of your cannabis plants. Tremendous. With the right fertilizer you ensure... 

  • that your cannabis plant stays healthy by adding important fertilizer to its diet.
  • a greater yield of your cannabis plant (not entirely unimportant, we think).
  • that the resistance of our cannabis plant is increased.

Plagron: Quality Cannabis fertilizers

Amongst our cannabis fertilizers, Plagron is dominant in the growth phase And not without reason! They meet the very specific requirements of cannabis fertilizer during this phase. The company Plagron started 25 years ago as a small worm farm, and has since grown into a producer of substrates and fertilizers, supplying worldwide. Since the beginning, they belong to the top of the market of plant fertilizers (cannabis fertilizer). Plagron supplies fertilizer for every kind of cannabis growers and ensures optimal cultivation performance.

The Right Fertilizer For Your Cannabis Plant(s)

Cannabis plants are sensitive. They sometimes need a specific element. Nonetheless, there are a number of Plagron products that are always useful during the growth phase, such as:

After the Growth phase the Flowering phase

As you know, the cannabis plant goes through different phases. You start with germination, after which the cannabis plant enters the growth phase. After the growth phase, the flowering phase starts, and finally the harvest. At each phase the cannabis plant needs specific fertilizer. Do you want to stay ahead of all the problems? We also have complete fertilizer boxes, like the Top Grow Box 100% Bio from Plagron. This box contains all fertilizer, for the various phases, for your cannabis plant. For all phases, from germination to the flowering phase. With this all-in-one box nothing bad will happen to your beloved cannabis plant!

Maximize your Yield and Keep your Cannabis plants Healthy! 

We have everything here to get the most out of your cannabis plant. Do not wait any longer and increase your yield quickly with our cannabis fertilizer. Do you have questions? Ask them to our customer service. We are happy to help you!