Cleaning & Maintenance

Often there is just one disadvantage to using a vaporizer, bong or water pipe: cleaning it. Nonetheless, it’s really important to do it. If you properly maintain your vaporizer, bong or water pipe, there’s a good chance that it will last longer. And it need not be that difficult with the handy accessories we have on offer. So make sure that your pipe or vaporizer is always as good as new.

We understand completely that you’re not really in the mood for cleaning the device after a heavy vaping session or taking deep drags from a water pipe. But it is important to clean your vaporizer, bong or water pipe soon after use. There are various accessories that enable you to enjoy a fresh and clean vaporizer the next time.

Cleaning Bong, Vaporizer or Water Pipe

Be aware that vaporizers, water pipes or bongs can get really dirty during use. A heap of dirt and ash can be left behind, particularly when used intensively. Don’t opt for the easy way out by just putting the vaporizer to one side, but take the time and trouble to clean it. It’s understandable that you’re not in the mood for cleaning when stoned or high. Even so, it will benefit you in both the short term and the long term.

Handy Products

Because we know that cleaning and maintenance are activities disliked by all smokers and vapers, we have plenty of products in our range that make cleaning and maintenance a good deal easier. Check out below which products can keep your vaporizer clean:

  • Liquid Cleaners
  • Pipe cleaners or Water Pipe brushes
  • Wear and maintenance sets
  • Screens/filters

These products are of course available in different shapes and sizes. You have an extensive choice of accessories that can maintain your favorite device. Here you will only find the products that can be used for multiple vaporizers, pipes or bongs. Are you looking for screens or a wear and tear sets for one specific vaporizer? Check out the page with Vaporizer Accessories. Here you can find every part imaginable for your vaporizer brand or specific model.

Why bother with Maintenance?

There are several reasons why it’s important to maintain water pipes, weed pipes and bongs properly. Not only is it a waste if you have to invest in a new device because your current one is too dirty and worn out, but it’s also essential for your health. There is no need for us to explain that it’s unhealthy to leave deposit and ash from the previous session in the vaporizer or bong. Hygiene is extremely important in the use of a vaporizer or bong and, for staying hygienic, proper maintenance is a must. Moreover, it’s natural for you to want your vaporizer or bong to shine like never before and look like something to be proud of.

Do you need help to clean and maintain your pipe or vaporizer? You’ll save yourself a lot of bother with our products while staying hygienic!