Is smoking a joint giving way to dabbing? It hasn’t come to that yet but in the future we are going to hear more and more about this new way of smoking weed. Dabbing is still illegal in the Netherlands but one thing is for sure: dabs are amazingly popular in small circles. It’s just a question of time before dabbing permanently breaks through.

What is Dabbing?

You will certainly have heard of it. It’s also a fact that it’s on the rise. But just what exactly is dabbing? Dabbing is smoking a strong weed concentrate using a special dab pipe or bong though it can also be done with a normal weed pipe or bong. We’ll tell you more precisely about how dabbing works later.

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Popular in the United States

If you mention the word ‘weed’ in the United States, there’s a good chance that the subject of dabs will come up. This reflects how popular dabbing is in America already. Dabbing has become a standing ritual amongst cannabis smokers. The probability is that the popularity of dabbing will only increase in the future. This kind of thing can move quickly in the cannabis world. If you see someone getting really stoned after smoking dabs, you want to give it a go yourself. A development likely to continue for some time in America.

The Netherlands lags behind

If you look purely at the development of dabbing in America, then we in the Netherlands are lagging behind currently. Although it’s happening in the Netherlands, there’s no comparison with the hype surrounding it in America. An old-fashioned joint or a bag of weed is always easily obtainable in the coffee shop so people prefer to smoke a joint with tobacco, tip and rolling paper. Added to which, dabbing is officially illegal whereas smoking is tolerated. But true lovers of cannabis are very intrigued about dabbing. It is certainly happening on a small scale.

Get Absolutely Stoned

Dabbing is very popular, in part because the effects are pretty intense. However, the insane effects are also its pitfall. Whoever thinks you can just take ten big drags one after the other with dabs has got it wrong. One inhalation has approximately the same effect as 5-10 inhalations of the same weight in herbs (weed). Don’t go too mad to begin with or you’ll be kicking yourself. Start cautiously with one or two drags. Dabbing gets you absolutely stoned. More stoned than after smoking a joint.

Difference between Dabbing and Smoking

It’s interesting for future dabbers to know what the differences are between dabbing and smoking. Why ought they to try dabs as well as their joints? Or more emphatically: why should they leave their joints permanently behind and proceed with dabs? One important reason for many people switching to dabbing is that it is healthier than smoking weed. The high purity content of the concentrates and the small quantity of pollutants makes dabbing healthier than smoking. Moreover, just like with a vaporizer the use of dabs doesn’t involve tobacco. So, do you want to stop smoking tobacco? In that case dabbing is a really good solution.

Another reason for preferring dabbing is its more intense effects. Dabbing gets you stoned like never before making it more tempting for true stoners to switch to dabbing. Most weed varieties have a THC percentage of 15-20% whereas the THC percentage of dabs varies between 50 and 90%. And finally you dab in a different way from smoking. Whereas you smoke crumbled weed with tobacco, tip and rolling paper, dabs are smoked with an oil rig or bong.

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Types of Dabs

Don’t be surprised by the many types of dabs. Dabs can differ considerably in appearance and can be produced in several ways. We have set down a list of the best known dabs.

  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Rosin

Shatter can be described as a glass-like concentrate which is pretty hard. Shatter has a THC content of a good 70-90%. You should therefore think twice before smoking this powerful extract. The true weed smoker though won’t want to miss this challenge. The result is you get high as a kite in no time at all. Bear in mind that to make a slab of shatter you need a considerable amount of weed.

Generally speaking, wax is somewhat less powerful than shatter. Even so the effects of this clay-like concentrate are not to be underestimated. After all, wax has a THC percentage of 50-80% which is certainly no joke.

Rosin has a THC percentage of over 60%. Rosin is made by heating dry buds and then pressing them. In contrast to other dabs, to make Rosin you don’t need that much weed. Useful if you don’t have a lot of weed or don’t want to use too much.

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How do you use dabs?

Do you have some dabs? Then you can start smoking. But how do you actually dab? And what do you need for smoking dabs? We’ll help you get started!

You need an oil rig (dab rig) or a bong with glass or titanium banger / dabbing nail. You heat this up with a jet torch with blue flame until it’s properly hot. Then you leave it to cool down a bit. Then use your dabber to scrape out the dab from the jar or parchment paper it’s packed in. Now allow your dab to melt in your banger nail. After this you put the carb cap on the banger nail so that no smoke escapes during your hit. You suck the bong full of smoke, take the carb cap off and empty the pipe of all smoke.

In principle a bong is the same as an oil rig. The only difference is the bowl. A bong purchased with bowl and nail can thus be used for herbs but also for oils and concentrates. You can also use a dab pen or vape pen to smoke your concentrates (reasonably) discretely.

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Also check out the Dabbing Tutorial for more information!

What should you bear in mind when dabbing?

As mentioned, the effects of smoking dabs are quite intense. It’s important for the novice dabber to take a number of factors into account. You even need to schedule when to dab. First of all, choose a day when you’re free and have no appointments or commitments. It’s possible that you won’t be able to function properly for the rest of the day.

It is also essential to find yourself a relaxed and comfortable environment. You must feel at ease during dabbing. This increases the pleasure of the experience. What is also good and in fact necessary is to have an experienced dabber by your side. He or she can help you if needed. Make sure you are fit and feeling good. It’s not a good idea to dab for the first time if you have a hangover or aren’t 100% fit. Finally, organise something nice to eat and drink. You’ll enjoy this after the dabbing.

Once you’ve taken all these precautionary measures it’s time to get dabbing. Let the experienced dabber go first so that you can watch how it works. Then have a go yourself with a small dose. That means having one or two drags. Have plenty to drink during dabbing as smoking dabs can be hard on your throat. Your first go at dabbing will probably make you cough. It’s nice to have a refreshing drink ready next to your dabs.

Are you starting to get interested? And would you like something other than a standard joint for once? Smoking dabs will give you an unparalleled high!