Rolling papers

Want to buy long rolling papers from Mascotte, Raw, Smoking or another quality brand? On this page you can compare all types and easily order long rolling papers. Per pack or an extra cheap box. Fast and discreet delivery.

Choose your favorite long rolling papers at the Dutch-Headshop. The Dutch-Headshop has a wide range of different types and sizes of rolling paper for rolling joints. Buying long rolling papers per box or loose packs is easy on this page.

What is a long rolling paper?

A thin, elongated piece of paper in which you can roll up smoking materials in order to smoke them. That's long rolling papers. It is often used for shag, tobacco and, of course, weed or hash. A rolling paper often has a sticky edge, so you can glue the paper shut after rolling it up. It is made from rice paper, wood pulp, hemp and other materials similar to it. 

Why Long rolling paper?

Smokers know it's convenient, but why did we start using long rolling papers? People used to smoke from a pipe. It got dirty quickly and was difficult to clean. The nasty taste was impossible to brush out. Besides, that pipe had to go everywhere. Why long rolling papers? So that you can smoke herbs, tobacco, weed or hash anywhere you want within an instant. By the way, the paper also burns well, so you don't have to use fire to smoke every time you take a puff. 

Rolling Paper Discounts

With long rolling papers you quickly think of a pack of rolling papers. These small packages are of course available here, but the Dutch-Headshop has discount packs, boxes and rolling paper on a roll as well. When purchasing a discount set or a box, you will of course save money and you will have enough rolling paper at home for a long time. This way you ensure you don't miss rolling papers when you want to roll a joint. Rolling paper on a roll is handy if you want to determine the size of the joint yourself. You can roll a small spliff, or an enormous joint.

Different Types

Long rolling papers come in many shapes and sizes. The size of a joint is very important for smoking a joint, as this determines how much weed or hash it can contain. Therefore, there are many sizes available. The length and width differs per rolling paper. You can choose between medium size, king size and extra large rolling papers.

Which rolling paper should you use for a Joint?

Great that there are so many varieties, but which rolling papers do you use for a joint? Our experts actually always recommend King-Size rolling papers because they fit a large amount, are sturdy and offer the most choice. If you are not a big smoker you can try a smaller size. For shag you can try the small rolling papers from Rizla. But which papers for a joint? That's King-Size!

What can you use as Long rolling Papers?

At Dutch Headshop we recommend that you really only use rolling papers that are made for it. We sometimes get the question, "What else can you use as long rolling papers?" Nothing. Some materials can be harmful to your health and others are too flammable so accidents can happen.

Where can I buy King Size Rolling Papers?

It should be obvious that when you want to smoke a joint, you need a rolling paper. But where can I buy long rolling papers? It is possible to buy long rolling papers at the supermarket, but there you often have limited choice and pay a high price. Also, you don't have the opportunity to buy an inexpensive box of long rolling papers. If you ask us "Where can I buy long rolling papers?" Simply in our webshop, of course! Huge choice. Fast, safe and discreet delivery.

Rolling a joint is more difficult than buying king size rolling papers at the Dutch-Headshop. Using the handy filters on this page, you can easily find the type of rolling paper you need. Unlike other web shops, we offer all types per individual package or per box. In addition, there is no place where you can buy so many brands of king size rolling papers as with us. Ordering is easy and delivery is always fast and discreet.

How much does long rolling paper and tip cost?

How expensive is long rolling paper and tip? Often you can get a package of paper for less than € 1,-. Special flavored papers, blunts or colored papers are often slightly more expensive and budget brands slightly cheaper. A packet of tip costs on average € 0,75, but also here there are brands that are slightly above or below that. 

Dutch-Headshop private label rolling papers are the cheapest choice. This is exactly the same quality as Smoking or Flamez, but for a lower price. Do you really want to be in the lead for a dime? Then order a box of long rolling papers. 

Box of Rolling Papers

We already talked about buying rolling papers with advantage. But how can you do that better by buying a box of rolling papers? If you are sure that you are going to use 33 or 50 packs, it is very wise to order a box right away.

  • Ordering a box of rolling papers is much cheaper (save up to 40%)
  • You don't have to leave the door for your turning machine for the time being
  • Put packages in different places so you can roll everywhere
  • Give a package away to your friends
  • A box of king size rolling papers often has a beautiful design and is not wrong in the house

High Quality

Long rolling papers ensure it's easy to roll your joint and smoke it. Long rolling papers are made of unbleached, ultra-thin rolling papers and the sticky edge is often made of natural gum. The rolling paper is therefore of high quality. The packages ensure protection of the papers, so they won't crease or tear.

Glass and blunt rolling papers 

You have all kinds that are made of regular paper, but there are also special rolling papers on the market. How about glass rolling papers. That is made of cellulose and therefore transparent. You can see everything you put in glass rolling papers from the outside. Want to smoke a pure joint? Try blunt rolling paper! That is a type of cigar paper that burns longer and gives off an intense flavor. Especially in America, blunt rolling papers are very popular. 

The Best Brands

There are many brands, each with their own qualities and benefits. All rolling paper brands are shown below.

  • Smoking
  • Futurola
  • Greengo
  • Flamez
  • OCB
  • Raw
  • RS Rolls
  • Rizla
  • Mascotte
  • Glass Papers

The best-known brands are Smoking, Mascotte, Raw and Futurola.

Mascotte rolling paper

A well-known, renowned and appreciated brand is Mascotte rolling paper. It has been sold for decades and is incredibly popular especially in Europe. You can buy mascot rolling papers in all shapes and sizes. For every smoker there is a perfect type. Mascot rolling papers can be recognized by the packages with the magnetic closure.

RAW rolling paper

RAW rolling paper is famous not only in Europe, but all over the world. Especially in the United States, smokers want nothing else. RAW rolling paper are the cleanest, purest and most durable papers on the market. With different labels, watermarks and other certifications, you can be sure that you are making the most conscious choice when you buy rolling papers from RAW.

The selection of the other two brands is therefore also the largest at the Dutch-Headshop. Smoking produces rolling papers since 1879, and this rolling paper is produced by Miguel Y Costas & Miguel SA from Barcelona. Smoking is known for its quality rolling papers that are very pleasant to smoke.

Futurola rolling paper is produced by Futurola's founders from Amsterdam. Futurola rolling paper is made of rice paper and is very nice to smoke as well. Futurola has, besides long rolling papers, also tips and a discount set with rolling papers, tip booklets and joint sleeves.

Don't bother going to the store, order your favorite long rolling papers easily and discretely online at Dutch-Headshop.