Sleeping Well

Are you suffering from hot nights, stress or are you simply not sleeping well? Don't panic. You really are not the only one. Most people do not sleep well enough at night. The consequence? A long, grueling day afterwards. For such moments and many more, we have selected products that will help you unwind and make you sleep well. 100% natural and safe.

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Blue Lotus Tincture 15x [Nymphaea caerulea] (Indian Spirit) 10ml
Catmint shredded [Nepeta cataria] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams
Damiana Extract 20X [Turnera Diffusa] 5 grams
Blue Lotus powder [Nymphaea caerulea] (Kratopia) 50 grams
CBD Night Gummies (Hemplife) 60 pieces
Bedtime 5HTP Gummies (Yumi) 60 pieces
CBD Night | CBD + Melatonin (Hemplife) 20 ml Sleep better
CBD Sleep Well Gummies (Dr. Candy) 10 mg

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Sleepwell Spray (Mindscopic) 15 ml
Mulungu cut [Erythrina Mulungu] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams
Passionflower shredded [Passiflora incarnata] (Indian Spirit) 50 gram
5-HTP (Fit4Seasons) 40 capsules
Blue Lotus Extract 20X [Nymphaea caerulea] (Indian Spirit) 3 grams
Passion Flower cut [Passiflora incarnata] (Indian Elements) 50 grams
Valerian [Valeriana Officinalis] (Indian Elements) 60 capsules
Skullcap cut [Scutellaria lateriflora] (Indian Elements) 50 grams
L-Tryptophan 50 capsules
Skullcap Shredded [Scutellaria galericulata] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams
V-HOP Valerian/Hops Oil (McSmart) 90 pills
Passionflower extract 5X [Passiflora incarnata] (Mystic Herbs) 5 gram

Do you sleep enough?

An adult needs an average of eight hours of sleep, some people more, others less. When sleeping your brain is charging, so you will function optimally the next day. Nonetheless, researchers mention most people do not sleep well enough. We go to bed too late and wake up too early. Or we go to bed on time, but we wake up too often during the night. The result? A grueling and very tiring day that follows. Everything costs a lot more energy. To immediately run to the physician for sleeping pills is not necessary at all. Often, natural sleeping pills are perfectly fine. So just relax, close your eyes and let fall asleep. So: you would like to sleep nicely? Take a look at our natural herbs!

Sleep nicely

You will find 100% natural herbs and oils in our product assortment for great sleeping. Pure nature and completely safe to use. For example, we offer:

  • Natural sleep tea;
  • CBD oil for a good night of sleep with melatonin;
  • Natural herbs such as passion flower, valerian, wild dagga, blue lotus or skull cap;
  • Looking for herbs that induce dreams? Meet our dream herb category!

Melatonin: the natural sleeping pills

Melatonin is the manager of our biological clock. When this hormone is created by your body, your body prepares it for sleeping. You start to yawn and get tired. Time to go to bed. A good example when melatonin is produced is when it gets darker. The sun goes down and the production of melatonin goes up. However, sometimes the production of melatonin can use a helping hand. We have CBD Night by Hemplife for this. CBD with melatonin. A food supplement, and at the same time a natural sleeping aid.

Interested? Take a look at CBD Night by Hemplife.

Natural herbs to Sleep well

Natural sleeping pills do certainly not always come in the form of capsules or oils. Especially herbs are a good alternative for a good night's rest. Examples of herbs we sell are:

  • Passion flower
  • Valerian
  • Wild dagga
  • Blue lotus
  • Skull cap

Each herb has its own, unique effect. Depending on your wishes and needs, there is one suitable for you.

Suitable for sleeping tea and vaporizer

You have many options with herbs. Just see what suits you best. So you can make a delicious pot of tea, or smoke in a weed pipe. Or go for an extra powerful effect by vaporizing your herbs in a vaporizer. Apart from helping you with a good night's sleep, it also helps with a sleep ritual. Before you go to bed, have a chat with a loved one or just have a moment with yourself with, for example, a tasty, steaming cup of sleeping tea.

Want to sleep well? Yes please!

Natural sleeping pills do certainly not always come in the form of capsules or oils. Especially herbs are good natural sleeping aids. Relax with a tasty, steaming cup of sleeping tea. Refreshing and unwinding. Plus, good for your sleep ritual. We have a large variety of sleeping herbs that can also be used as sleeping tea. For tea with herbs, use a tea egg.

For a decent, good night of sleep you certainly don't need to rush to the doctor: get (strong) sleeping pills. There are, as you can read, many natural sleeping pills. Tasty sleeping tea or smoke herbs with a vaporizer.

Our large offer makes choosing difficult? Or do you have another question? Just let us know. We are pleased to help you out! Send our customer service a WhatsApp message, give a phone call or send an email. We will respond within two hours. That's a promise.