Types of weed for hash have a number of different properties. Preferably the yield is high so you have enough material to work with. The structure of the bud and of the resin are also important because you can choose a particular type of hash making based on that. Sticky buds are great for making hand-rubbed charas, while the somewhat drier and harder buds are more suitable for sieved or polm hash. Whatever type of hash you choose, these are the best weed varieties for hash according to our editors!

Types of Hash

In this article we throw around quite a few terms for different types of hash. If you want to know what tbizla, ketama, charas, polm and ice-o-lator are and where they come from, read our list of types of hash. With that knowledge you can pick the best weed strains for the type of hash you're looking for!

1 - Gorilla Glue | 23% THC

The name basically says it all: the buds of Gorilla Glue stick to your hands like glue the moment you start rolling them. That's why this weed plant is ideally suited to making hand-rolled hash such as charas. You will need to use a lot of soap to wash your hands afterwards in order to be able to separate your fingers again.

Gorilla Glue is also known as Original Glue or the abbreviation GG4. She is a cross of Chem Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel - all fragrant American weed strains. The great advantage of Gorilla Glue is that she flowers exceptionally fast. With 7-8 weeks she will be in fast flower territory.

2 - Green Gelato Automatic | 24% THC

Whereas Gorilla Glue can give you considerably heavy limbs, the effect of Green Gelato Automatic is more mental than physical. This sativa-dominant auto flower is even a little stronger. Gelato is Italian for ice cream; a name this hash weed owes to the sweet, sticky substance found on its buds during the flowering period. This plant is suitable for both beginners and experienced growers. The difference is that in the right hands, she promises more yield. She is more of an indoor than an outdoor plant in Western Europe. An excellent weed to make charas or tbizla.

3 - Tangerine G13 | 20% THC

From hand-rolled hash to pressed hash. A block of Tangerine G13 is not to be despised. It became popular in the Amsterdam coffeeshop / cannabis specialty store Boerejongens and is now available as weed seeds from Amsterdam Genetics. Tangerine G13 will grow beautiful light green buds when flowering. In addition to containing up to 20% THC, the strain also has up to 1.8% CBG. 

Take a few nice puffs and sit back with a bunch of friends - the effect is relaxing and conversational. Perfect for an evening chilling out in good company. 

4 - Lemon Ice | 22% THC

If you're in need of a bucketload of creativity, give Lemon Ice a try. You can feel the uplifting effects as a kind of buzz in your brain. And that leads to new ideas and insights. As long as you can handle it. Because 22% THC is not low! Lemon Ice also comes from the cultivation garden of Amsterdam Genetics, just like the previous hash strain. This variety can also be used to make other kinds of hash. Lemon Ice is particularly suitable for making polm or ice-o-lator. This crumbly hash is somewhat drier and ice-o-lator is a way of extracting extra THC from the pollen of your plant. You can use not only the buds for this but also the larger leaves around the buds. That is why cutting waste is also used to make strong extracts.

With ice-o-lator you can make hash that contains up to 80% THC. That is incredibly strong, which is why it secretly qualifies as a concentrate. Polm is a bit easier to dose. This is a sieved hash made from the cutting waste of, for example, Lemon Ice weed. It contains about 17% THC.

5 - Bubba Kush | 15% THC

Time to pop in a medicinal strain. Bubba Kush by Green House Seed Company is an indica-dominant, colorful plant that won the Treating Yourself Medical Cup in 2010. The narcotic, relaxing weed has a much-loved physical effect and offers deep relaxation when you need it. 

The yield is not bad. Under a 600 watt bulb, she can yield 800 grams per square meter. In the sun, she gets up another gear. A kilo is possible, provided you take good care of her and she gets enough sunlight. But what makes this weed plant so suitable for making hash?

Kush is originally a weed from a mountainous region of the same name that covers parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Here, weed plants grow wild. Mountain slopes here are lined with broadleaf indica weed. Consequently, the hash that comes from this region is traditionally made from indica-dominant weed from the wild. Kush weed is synonymous with gourmet weed. Therefore, hash made from kush weed plants is in high demand. Bubba Kush hash guarantees a fine taste experience and a relaxing effect.

6 - Auto Banana Blaze | 20% THC

Bananas, mango and oriental spices: perfect for a fruity taste that you can hand out in your group of friends. Auto Banana Blaze by Dutch Passion is another sticky variety that is perfect for making charas or hand-rolled hash. This auto flower is also easy to grow and beautiful to look at. She colors easily, which means that at an early stage you can see which nutrients the plant needs more of.

Are you curious what the colors of the leaves mean? Read this illustrated blog on spotting leaf problems!

7 - Wedding Cake | 24% THC

She is probably the plant with the highest yield on this page. Wedding Cake can grow huge outdoors. If you use growing techniques such as ScrOG, LST, topping or trellising, she can yield up to 1500 grams of fresh weed per plant. That automatically means you have a whole pile of weed to make hash from. Just from the potential cutting waste you have. Order a couple of ice-o-lator bags or the ready-made bubbleator that will turn 350 grams of raw material into ultra-strong ice-o-lator hash in one go. 

Hash made from Wedding Cake weed tastes and smells like vanilla and sweet fruit. First you get a nice high and then it sinks into your body. Let it happen to you and enjoy the relaxation!

8 - Mendocino Skunk | 24% THC

If you're in a hurry to produce and thus looking for a short flowering time, it is worth taking a look at what Paradise Seeds has in store for you. Mendocino Skunk is one of Tommy Chong's favorites for a reason. The upbeat and euphoric high you can expect from this fast-flowering strain hits like a bomb. This indica-dominant skunk is especially popular among Sea of Green growers because the small-sized plant finishes in 7-8 weeks and still offers high yields. If you prefer to grow her indoors, it is important to keep the temperature high throughout the grow. Then Mendocino Skunk will reward you with strong, sticky, hash-ready weed!

9 - Auto Zkittlez | 23% THC

Popular in the American market, but a favorite here in Europe as well: Auto Zkittlez takes all the good stuff of Zkittles weed (high yield and THC, easy to grow and super sweet weed) and pours it into an auto flower form. A weed plant that begs to be made into hash if you ask us! 

We do strongly recommend that you cure your weed for at least two weeks after drying. Only then will the bitter taste really fade away, leaving room in the flavour palette for the fresh sweetness you remember from those colourful sweets.

Zkittlez fan? Check out this awesome weed hat with Zkittles print, or check out the weed lifestyle category for more weed accessories!

10 - CBD Therapy | 10% CBD

Last but not least: If you don't feel like getting really high, but like a little relaxation, you can choose a CBD-rich plant such as CBD Therapy. You can make hash from this plant in different ways. You can strain the buds to make polm, press a cube or make ice-o-lator if you want the CBD concentration to rise to up to 80%. Just keep in mind that the THC percentage will also rise, which means you can expect a nice mellow high. This is why CBD Therapy from the CBD Crew is so popular among medicinal users!

Making hash

It's nice, all those types of weed. But what use are they if you have no experience making hash? Don't worry. Start with the blog on making Ice-O-Lator. By the way, if you plan to put your hash in the vaporizer, please note that not every vape is suitable for this. You could damage your vaporizer beyond repair. Make sure you know if your vape is suitable for that and learn what the best hash vaporizers are in this article.