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Experience the best of the vaporizer world with Zeus Arsenal. The vaporizers and unique accessories of this Canadian brand are not available anywhere else. Together with a German engineering team, they have already created one of the best weed vaporizers in the world: the Zeus Arc GT. Here you can order this masterpiece and find accessories that are suitable for almost all vaporizers.

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Zeus Arc GT3 Hub Vaporizer
Zeus Arc S Hub Vaporizer
Speedloader | Storz & Bickel Crafty & Mighty
Zeus Iceborn V2 Ice Filter
Zeus Purify Vaporizer Cleaning Kit
Zeus Purify Grime Wipes
Care Package | Zeus Arc GTS
Zeus Purify Grime Sticks
Zeus Bolt Grinder 4 parts (Zeus Arsenal) 55 mm
Zeus ArcPods Triple Pack (15 pieces) | Zeus Arc Vaporizers
Screens (5 pieces) | Zeus Smite
Flowsink Screens (5 pieces) | Zeus Arc GT & Arc
Zeus Arc Tool
Flowsink Tool | Zeus Arc GT & Arc
Sliding Lid Set (2 pieces) | Zeus Smite
Heat Sink Gold | Zeus Arc GT
Zeus Armor Vaporizer Protection Case
Zeus ArcPods Lid Pack (50 pieces) | Zeus Arc Vaporizers
Zeus Xtruder Dry Herb Mill Grinder
Care Package | Zeus Arc GT & Arc

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Zeus Arsenal is mainly known for the legendary Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer. But the Canadian company, along with its German engineering team, has created many other top-quality products that have rocked the vaporizer world.

Vaporizers by Zeus Arsenal

At the Canadian company Zeus Arsenal, they have a passion for vaporizers. They believe that vaporizers are more than just devices for vaporizing smokes. It's a true lifestyle! Zeus dreams every day about how they can make the vaping experience even better. This leads to high quality and powerful products. Together with German engineering, which has an eye for innovation, they created one of the best weed vaporizers in the world: the Zeus Arc GTS. In addition to this showpiece, Zeus has created a number of unique vaporizer accessories that can be used with almost any vaporizer. Products are tailored to the needs of the consumer. They are suitable for the gods, but also accessible to mere mortals. Zeus, the supreme god of vaporizers.

Zeus Arc GTS

The Zeus Arc GTS is a fine piece of craftsmanship that has caused a sensation all over the world. It is a vaporizer that is only suitable for weed. If you are a real stoner, this is the gadget you want to have. The 24-carat gold coating on the parts ensures the best possible heat and air conduction. The vaporizer is super easy to use and produces the most flavorful vapor ever to come out of a vaporizer. The vaporizer comes with many useful accessories that make vaping easier and help you keep your vaporizer spotless every time. A master in the field of dry herb vaporizers.

Unique Vaporizer Accessories by Zeus

As well as the world-famous Zeus Arc GTS, you can find vaporizer accessories at Zeus Arsenal. Take the unique Zeus Iceborn, for example. This is an ice filter that you can connect to your vaporizer. We know from experience: no water bubbler can beat this. The ice provides extreme filtration and cooling. The vapor tastes even better than when you vaporize directly from the Zeus Arc GT and the vapor clouds are much larger because of the ice. The Iceborn can be connected to many vaporizers. Check out the product page for more information.

Other vaporizer accessories are the Zeus Armor and Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit. The Zeus Armor is a multifunctional protective case that is suitable for almost every portable vaporizer. You can safely carry your vape in this case and there is even more space for all your accessories. The Purify Cleaning Kit is suitable for cleaning any vaporizer. With handy cleaning tools such as a cleaner, alcohol wipes and cotton swabs (all available separately) you can get any vaporizer spotless again.