Growth Nutrients, Bloom Nutrients All-in-One Plant Nutrient Supplements

Plant nutrition advantage sets for a complete feeding solution, perfectly tailored to each life stage of your cannabis plants, with quality nutrition and supplements in one convenient and affordable package.

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Starter Set Cannabis Nutrients Big Organic (BAC) Organic
Biotabs Starterpack
Seedbox Germination Set (Plagron)
Easy Combo Booster Pack (Royal Queen Seeds) 5 pieces
Easy Pack 100% Terra (Plagron)
Top Grow Box 100% Organic (Plagron) Top Quality
Easy Pack 100% Natural (Plagron) Organic
Top Grow Box 100% Terra (Plagron)

Can't see the forest for the trees? Opt for a complete solution for feeding your cannabis plants with our plant nutrition advantage sets. This way, you get everything you need for a successful cultivation. Easily save time with a complete advantage set.

Plant Nutrition Advantage Sets: Everything You Need in One Package

Our advantage sets contain carefully composed combinations of basic nutrition and supplements. This means you not only get the essential NPK nutrients but also additional boosters like a bloom stimulator or root stimulator. These sets are perfectly tailored to the needs of your cannabis plants in all life stages, from seedling to flowering.

What's Included in a Plant Nutrition Advantage Set?

Most advantage sets contain a combination of liquid plant nutrition and useful supplements. For example, you get both growth and bloom nutrition, which together ensure balanced growth and lush flowering of your plants. Moreover, the sets are more cost-effective than purchasing the products individually.

Choose Quality and Convenience

Our advantage sets come from top brands like Royal Queen, BAC, and Plagron, known for their high-quality plant nutrition. They are easy to use and deliver optimal results, whether you opt for traditional cultivation methods or hydroponics. Save time and money, and provide your cannabis plants with the nutrition they deserve.

Growshop for Cannabis Plant Nutrition

In our online growshop, you'll find affordable advantage sets that are perfect for your cannabis cultivation adventure. Need help choosing the right nutrition for your cannabis plants? Our experts are ready to advise and support you at every step of your cultivation process.

Check out our Plant Nutrition Advantage Sets now and start growing healthy, robust cannabis plants!