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German company Wolkenkraft has stolen the hearts of many vaporizer connoisseurs. Order your Wolkenkraft FX Mini or Äris vaporizer and its accessories easily and quickly here.
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Seal Ring with Screen | FX Mini Ultra
Mouthpiece Full Set | FX Mini Ultra

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Mouthpiece Full Set | Äris Ultra

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Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra Vaporizer

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Wolkenkraft Äris Vaporizer Discount

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Water Bubbler | Wolkenkraft Äris
Water Bubbler | Wolkenkraft FX Mini (Ultra)
Herb Pod (5 pieces) | Wolkenkraft Äris & FX Mini
Screens (2 pieces) | Wolkenkraft Äris & FX Mini
Capsule Caddy | Wolkenkraft Äris & FX Mini
Silicone O-Ring with Screen | Wolkenkraft FX Mini
Silicone O-Ring with Screen | Wolkenkraft Äris
Wolkenkraft FX Mini Ultra Vaporizer

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Wolkenkraft FX Mini Vaporizer

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Wax and Concentrate Pod (5 pieces) | Wolkenkraft Äris & FX Mini

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Mouthpiece Complete Set | Wolkenkraft Äris

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Glass Mouthpiece | Wolkenkraft FX Mini

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Glass Mouthpiece | Wolkenkraft Äris

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Top quality German-made vaporizers with the most convenient features and most advanced convection technology. Discover Wolkenkraft with its genius vaporizers and accessories.

Buy Wolkenkraft Vaporizers

WOLKENKRAFT™ is a company from Germany that sells only premium vaporizers, but you can't tell by the price. With a range of rock-solid vaporizers made available to consumers at a relatively low price, Wolkenkraft is in a class of its own in the vaporizer scene. The German manufacturer tries to combine high innovativeness, ecological awareness, technological art, unique designs, user-friendliness and safety in its products. The vaporizers, with the signature glass mouthpiece blocks, have become incredibly popular in Europe within a few years.

The most popular models are the Wolkenkraft FX Mini and Äris. The most striking thing about this brand's vaporizers? The extensive models feature the most advanced ECA True Convection heating technology. This means that the air flowing through your smokables in the vaporizer touches virtually no materials. As a result, you are always vaporizing at 100% and the vapor cannot become contaminated. Partly because of this technology, you can also buy Wolkenkraft's convection vaporizers for medicinal use.

Wolkenkraft FX Mini

The brand's handy mini vaporizer is the Wolkenkraft FX Mini. This convection vaporizer only measures 7.6 x 5.1 x 2.5 cm, making it very easy to take with you. A portable convection vaporizer with the ability to vaporize hash and dabs in addition to weed and other dry herbs. Set your Wolkenkraft FX Mini on the clear OLED display to a temperature between 160 °C to 220 °C, wait for the LED lights to stop and inhale the pure vapor through the pyrex glass mouthpiece. It won't get any easier. And all for less than €100!

Wolkenkraft Äris

Don't necessarily need a mini vaporizer, but prefer a slightly larger model with more power? Then the Wolkenkraft Äris is the best choice within the manufacturer's range. The Äris is armored with ECA Convection Technology, the airflow is improved, the model has a stronger battery for more sessions per charge and includes more accessories. For a few extra dollars, you can enjoy your vaporizer for longer, producing even purer vapor.

Wolkenkraft Äris Test

At Dutch Headshop, we test all vaporizers before they go up for sale. But we were not the only ones to do a Wolkenkraft Äris test. The Internet is full of reviews of the Äris vaporizer. Connoisseurs like to take a closer look at the device because the features are exceptionally good for a device in this price range. Just search Youtube for Wolkenkraft Äris test and you will see that everyone is positive about this high-end convection vaporizer. Our own Äris test was also a success. For both weed and hash, it's a great vape on the go.

Ultra Vaporizers

In 2023, WOLKENKRAFT™ released a new Ultra line. Both the FX Mini and the Äris received upgrades. So now, in addition to the normal models, there are also the Wolkenkraft FX Mini Ultra and the Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra. Both vapes have gotten the same set of features included:

  • Both Ultra models feature a gold-plated mouthpiece ring and reflective lettering on the side of the vape.
  • FX Mini Ultra, like the Äris, now has a magnetic mouthpiece mechanism instead of a click system.
  • In both the FX Mini Ultra and the Äris Ultra vaporizer, the OLED screen is made of a different material, making it more resistant to scratches.
  • Big advantage for both models: the temperature range is wider. From 160 °C - 221 °C to 100 °C - 221 °C. This allows the use of certain vaporizer herbs, which need to be vaporized at a low temperature, also in the Wolkenkraft vaporizers.
  • Haptic feedback now also on the FX Mini Ultra (vibration signal).
  • You can set the duration of your session between 3 and 6 minutes, to the second. Great for vape enthusiasts looking for continuity.
  • USB-C port for 35% faster charging. This includes a new charging cable.
  • You can now charge and use the Ultra models at the same time.
  • Because Wolkenkraft is so confident in the quality of its new models, the manufacturer provides a whopping 5-year warranty.

Wolkenkraft Bubblers and Other Accessories

It doesn't end with the purchase of your Wolkenkraft vaporizer. There are still many accessories you can purchase to make vaping more fun and flavorful, or to personalize the design of your vaporizer. How about a colored glass mouthpiece? A capsule caddy where you can conveniently store Herb or Wax Pods? Or the finest: the Wolkenkraft Bubblers for both models. When you put a Wolkenkraft Water Bubbler on the FX Mini (Ultra) or Äris (Ultra), your vapor is extra filtered and cooled. The filter is super easy to put on and use. So if the ECA Convection Technology is still not enough for you, buy a Wolkenkraft Bubbler to ensure your vapor is 1000% pure.

Want to buy a Wolkenkraft vaporizer? Check out the information with the products, read blogs or consult our customer service.