Joint Roller & Rolling Machine

Buying a pre-rolled joint is a waste of time. With our Joint Roller & Fillers you have the means at home for rolling your own perfect joint in no time at all. The big advantage: you decide what to put in your joint. So, are you going to opt for a joint roller, sleeve filler or would you rather fill cones or joints? You’ll find them all here!

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Six Shooter Cone Filler (RAW)
Futurola Joint Roller Top Quality

Starting at 13,95

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Cone Joint Roller (RAW) 110 mm
Gorilla Bag | Joint Rolling Kit (Apestoned)

Starting at 29,95

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Rolling Trays Metal (RAW) 17,5 x 27,5 cm

Starting at 8,95

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Stash Box Mini | Joint Roll Box Wood
Eco Rolling Tray (Greengo) 16 x 20 cm
Joint Roller Hemp Fiber (RAW) 110 mm
Stash Box | Secret Box (Rolls)
Bamboo Rolling Tray Classic (G-Rollz) 28 x 17 cm
Rolling Trays Metal (V-Syndicate) 14 x 18 cm

Starting at 5,95

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Cone filler machine (Raw) Top Quality
Cone Artist Joint Filler
Stash Box | Classic Wood Box (RAW)
Bamboo Rolling Tray Palette (G-Rollz) 19 x 14 cml
Futurola Joint Roller small
Rolling Pouch / Smoking Wallet (RAW)
Roll Tray Wood
Bamboo Rolling Tray Mini (G-Rollz) 20 x 16 cm
Rollmate Joint Roller Best Buy

Starting at 6,50

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Make Your Own Pre-rolled Joint

All joint and roll-up smokers, beginners and experienced alike, have to face up to the question: ‘How do you roll a joint?’ What they mean is a proper, decent looking joint. The answer: you don’t have to do it yourself! You will be able to make the perfect joint yourself with the products in this category. We do understand that you really don’t want to have to roll a joint each time or that maybe you find it really tricky to do. No worries, we’re here to help. Whether it be a cone joint, extra large joint, jonko, spliff or perhaps a blunt? We have what you need for any format. The advantages of making your own joint:

  • No hassle with rolling
  • You decide what goes into your joint
  • You decide how big or thick you want your joint
  • Easy and fast smoking
  • Always a good quality joint

Cones & Joint Tubes

A really easy way in which to make a great joint without having to roll it is by buying cones or joint tubes. They come in all types and sizes. Our headshop is full of them! A joint cone or sleeve is actually a pre-rolled joint but without the content. You can fill it using a Joint Filler, Sleeve Filler, Cone Artist or Joint-4 Jointmaker. The end result: a perfect, pre-rolled joint. Making a cone joint yourself is better for both you and your wallet. You get to decide what goes into it (weed, hash, tobacco or whatever you want) and it’s cheaper that buying a pre-rolled joint.

Joint Roller & Rolling Machine

You can also simply make your own joint with long rolling paper and tip using a joint roller or rolling machine. This works well if you have a favourite rolling paper or tip. Or, for example, if you want to use a different filter from the one you get in cones or joint sleeves. Literally anyone can make a great joint with a joint roller. You fill the ‘rolling machine’, insert a filter tip, rolling paper in between... and just roll! You have to try it to believe it but your jonko will look exactly the same as a pre-rolled joint from the coffee shop.

Our best and by far the most popular product is the Futurola Joint Roller. The device is really easy to use and you’ll be finished in no time at all. Watch the video at the bottom of the product page and appreciate the convenience of this kind of joint roller. Prefer a somewhat smaller joint? Futurola has naturally thought of this too. They have come up with the Futurola Joint Roller Small specially for lovers of small joints. It works in exactly the same way but the result is just a bit smaller.

The Best Brands

Each rolling machine in this category has been tested and assessed. By selling the best brands, we assure everyone of the highest quality. Take RAW, for example. Their sleeve fillers and joint rollers are all made of high-quality materials and last for years. Or Cone Artist, with its revolutionary joint filler. And we haven’t mentioned Futurola yet. The absolute master when it comes to cones, sleeves, fillers and, of course, the joint roller. You will find all of them at Dutch Headshop!