Supplements for Cannabis Plants

Turn your meager cannabis plant into a top athlete of the plant kingdom. With these stimulants and vitamins, you will cultivate a cannabis tree and the irresistible yield that comes with it.

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Green Sensation Flowering Booster (Plagron) Top Quality

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Power Buds (Plagron) 250 ml
Big Bud | Bloom Booster (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml
Power Roots Root Stimulator (Plagron) Best Buy

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pH min | Lower Soil pH (Plagron) 1 liter
PK 13-14 (Plagron)

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Bud Candy | Bloom Booster (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml
Sugar Royal Biological Flower Stimulator (Plagron) Organic

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Overdrive | Bloom Booster (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml
Seedbooster Plus (Plagron) 10 ml
X-Seed | Plant Enhancers (BAC) 10 ml Organic
B-52 | B Vitamins for Cannabis (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml
Organic PK Booster (BAC) 500 ml Organic
Piranha | Organic Root Stimulator (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml Organic
Fish Force (Plagron) 1 liter
Start Up (Plagron)

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Voodoo Juice | Organic Root Stimulator (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml Organic
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Pure Zym (Plagron)

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Calmag Pro (Plagron)

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Flawless Finish | Flushing Cannabis (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml

Enhance the growth and quality of your cannabis plants. Increase your harvest. Make your cannabis extra flavorful and juicy. In addition to the base nutrients, there are various supplements that can give your cannabis plants an extra boost. From bloom stimulants to root stimulants, our category of supplements for cannabis plants offers everything you need to provide extra care to your cannabis plants and maximize their potential.

Base Nutrients and the Role of Supplements

Base nutrients are the foundation for any successful cannabis cultivation. They provide your cannabis plants with all the essential macro and micro nutrients they need to grow and bloom. Without these base nutrients, your cannabis plants cannot survive, let alone thrive. Potting soil and garden soil only contain sufficient nutrients for the first 2 to 3 months. Over time, the soil becomes more depleted while the cannabis plant's needs continue to change. Base nutrients are essential.

But what if you don't want your cannabis plants to just survive, but to steal the show? Supplements like PK boosters, root stimulants, and bloom stimulants are optional but highly recommended. They can make the difference between an ordinary harvest and a harvest that exceeds your wildest expectations. Or cannabis that is not particularly tasty and cannabis that wouldn't be out of place alongside a meal in a 5-star restaurant.

These extras not only stimulate stronger growth and larger buds but also enhance the flavor, aroma, and potency of your cannabis. With supplements, you elevate your cultivation hobby to a higher level and create cannabis that not only grows well but also tastes and feels exceptionally good. The feeling of pride and satisfaction when you see and taste the results of your hard work is priceless.

Bloom Stimulants for Cannabis Plants

The name says it all. Bloom stimulants are specially designed to support the flowering phase of your cannabis plants. This liquid plant nutrition helps develop denser, more resinous buds. By using a bloom stimulator, you can significantly improve the quality and quantity of your harvest.

Root Stimulants for a Strong Root System

A strong and healthy root system is essential for the overall health of your cannabis plant. Root stimulants promote root growth, allowing your plants to better absorb nutrients and water. This results in stronger and more resilient cannabis plants.

PK Boosters: Essential for Blooming

PK boosters are a crucial supplement for any cannabis hobby grower. These boosters contain high concentrations of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), two essential nutrients that play a key role during the flowering phase of cannabis plants. Phosphorus supports the development of strong and healthy roots and contributes to flowering strength, while potassium helps regulate water and nutrient uptake in the plant and is essential for the formation of sugars and starch.

PK boosters lead to fuller and more potent buds and increase the overall yield and quality of the harvest. By adding a PK booster to your feeding regimen, you provide your cannabis plants with the extra nutrients they need to bloom optimally. It's no wonder that almost all plant nutrition brands also offer a PK booster.

Nutritional Supplements for Specific Needs

Every cannabis plant is unique and may have specific nutritional needs. Our range of supplements provides solutions for various challenges, such as nutrient deficiencies or stress during growth. Whether you're looking for a supplement to enhance flavor or to help your cannabis plants recover from stress, you can find it in our online grow shop.

  • When to give supplements? Depending on the supplement, the cultivation schedule, and the soil, you give supplements in combination with the base nutrients during each watering. When to give which supplement can be found on the manufacturer's website. Sometimes it's also on the packaging.
  • Are supplements necessary? No, but we recommend them. A root stimulator alone makes the roots stronger and larger, allowing the plant to grow bigger. That means more grams on the scale right away.