Blunts Wraps 100% Hemp (Juicy Jay’s) 2 pieces

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Blunt Paper in different flavours! Smoke your pure joints in style with the Hemp Wraps from Juicy Jay’s. Two moist papers in a resealable packet. The papers are not made from tobacco but consist of 100% hemp and thus there is no nicotine in the paper. For this Blunt Paper, Juicy Jay’s has used its special Triple Dip ® flavour system in which both licking and smoking give you a genuine flavour explosion. All that for a modest price.

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Blunt Paper

Blunt Paper from Juicy Jay’s in different flavours. Will you choose natural or go for something more fruity? One thing’s for sure: this blunt paper guarantees you a taste explosion. Each paper is 100% made from hemp so it doesn’t contain any nicotine. They are nicely moistened so that you can roll a pure joint without the paper tearing. The papers are available in twos in a resealable packet. After you’ve smoked one, you can keep the other one easily without risk of it drying out.

Smoking Blunts

You buy Juicy Jay’s Blunt Paper in a king-size format. The wraps are big enough for any thickness of joint. For smoking blunts you cannot do better than these wraps from Juicy Jay’s. For its flavoured paper the brand uses a Triple Dip ® system which brings out the flavours even better. Choose your favourite flavour and enjoy the best blunt experience ever.


  • Blunt Paper made from Hemp
  • King-size format
  • Different flavours
  • Juicy Jay’s available in 2’s
  • Resealable packet (keeps fresh)
  • Triple Dip ®
  • Specially for pure Joints

Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jay’s is an American company which was established in the 1980’s by a group of friends in New York City. The company specialises in flavoured paper. They sell over 40 different kinds worldwide. As well as paper, the company also sells other smokers’ requisites such as herbs, seeds, weed pipes and incense.

SKU G-1718-1719-1720-1721
Brand Juicy Jay's
Size King-Size
Unbleached Yes
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Blunts Wraps 100% Hemp (Juicy Jay’s) 2 pieces

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