The herbs in this category are the true treasures of nature. Herbs like Catmints, Damiana, or Passion Flower, but also herbal mixes like WakeUp Tea and Spliff Mix can bring calmness, reduce stress and provide a clear mind.

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Ginkgo biloba (Indian Spirit) 50 grams
Raspberry Cut leaf [Rubus ideaus] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams
Great Mullein [Verbascum thapsus] (Indian Spirit) 50 Grams
Marihuanilla Extract 25x [leonurus sibiricus] (Indian Spirit) 3 grams
Yerba maté powder [Ilex paraguarensis] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams
Clavo Huasca [Tynnanthus panurensis] (Indian Spirit) 50 Grams
Herbal Spliff Mix (Indian Elements)

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Damiana cut [Turnera Diffusa] (Indian Elements) 50 grams
Dream Herb [Calea Zacatechichi] (Indian Spirit) 50 grams Best Buy
Aphrodite Mix (Indian Elements) 50 grams
Pink Lotus Shredded [Nelumbo nucifera] (Indian Spirit) 25 grams
Relax Mix (Indian Elements) 50 grams
Passion Flower cut [Passiflora incarnata] (Indian Elements) 50 grams
Damiana [Turnera diffusa] (Indian Elements) 60 capsules
African Dream Herb Extract 50x [Entada Rheedii] (Indian Spirit) 3 gram
Blue Lotus Extract 20X [Nymphaea caerulea] (Indian Spirit) 3 grams
Damiana Extract 20X [Turnera Diffusa] 5 grams
Valerian [Valeriana Officinalis] (Indian Elements) 60 capsules
Absinthe Wormwood Extract [Artemisia Absinthium] (Indian Elements) 60 capsules
Skullcap cut [Scutellaria lateriflora] (Indian Elements) 50 grams

Herbs like Catnip, Damiana, Wild Dagga, and Passion Flowers can have an excellent effect on human health. At Dutch-Headshop, there are more than enough herbs available, of course.

History of herbs

Most herbs were first used by people in South America, North America, and Africa. Herbs are often also derived from trees in these continents. Indigenous peoples like the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans began using herbs. They used them mainly for pleasure or as a medicine at that time.


Nowadays, most herbs are primarily used for other purposes. There are different types of herbs available, and the effect depends on the type of herb you use. In any case, it is clear that some herbs can contribute well to human health. Depending on the type of herb, herbs can have the following positive effects:

  • Relaxation and a relaxed feeling
  • Good night's sleep
  • Reduction of stress
  • Can help against panic attacks
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and the nervous system

However, herbs can also be used for other purposes. Consider, for example,

  • Stimulating energy
  • Psychoactive effects
  • Stimulating sexual effects


Herbs can be used in different ways. Many herbs are mixed with drinks like tea, fruit juice, or water. Herbs can also be incorporated into a capsule. The advantage of a capsule is that you can quickly and easily take the necessary substances in a fixed dosage.


Indian Spirit is the most common brand in the range. The brand offers a wide array of relaxing, psychoactive, and stimulating herbs and seeds from around the world. Indian Spirit products can be used in different ways. For instance, you can dissolve the herbs in hot water, mix them with tea, or put them in a smoothie.

In addition to Indian Spirit, Indian Elements is also a popular brand. Indian Elements is characterized by the fact that the herbs are almost always processed into capsules. The brand has only one product that is not made up of capsules. The Spliff Mix Herbal is a herbal mix that can be mixed with tea.

Find out which herb suits you and discover the positive and delightful effects. You can easily and discreetly order herbs online at Dutch-Headshop.