CBD Capsules

CBD: a special taste, not for everyone. Some people dislike the taste, others like it. For those people who prefer not to taste the CBD oil, we have CBD capsules with 2.5% up to 15% CBD! Easy to take in capsules, produced organically. Most capsules are gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

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CBD Capsules Raw (Hemplife) 5% 25 mg 30 caps
Special Price 24,45 Regular Price 34,95
CBD Capsules Raw (Wedihemp) 5% 27 mg 60 caps
CBD Capsules (Jacob Hooy) 600 mg 60 capsules - 25%
CBD Capsules Raw (Wedihemp) 2,5% 13,5 mg 60 caps
CBD Capsules (Jacob Hooy) 4% 20 mg 60 capsules - 25%
Special Price 45,49 Regular Price 64,99

Not all of us can appreciate the natural taste of CBD

Let's be honest; CBD oil doesn't taste like chocolate. The oil is not a culinary masterpiece, neither does it taste like a delicious cream cake or fresh pea soup during a cold evening. No, CBD oil is an oil made from organic hemp plants. Pure nature. And you will taste its natural taste. A taste not everyone will like. Just like there are people not fond of chocolate (they exist), not everyone loves the CBD taste. For these people, CBD capsules are the solution, to still benefit from CBD.

Why Buy CBD Capsules?

  • Taste and odorless capsules, packed with CBD.
  • Choose from 2.5% to 15% CBD.
  • Easy to take in with some water or food.
  • Always the right dose, without any effort.
  • No mess with CBD oil.
  • Easy to take anywhere.
  • Many capsules are also gluten-free and suitable for vegans.
  • Free from pesticides.
  • Pure nature and made of high-quality, organic hemp plants.

CBD capsules: Gluten-free and Suitable for Vegans

Vegan ice cream shops, super markets, restaurants and supermarkets. What about the enormous amount of gluten-free products or recipes? No way still ignoring this fact: there are many vegans and people who prefer to eat and drink gluten-free. Especially for these people we have CBD capsules that are gluten-free and suitable for vegans! The capsules are made from a vegetable gel. The contents are exactly the same. Only the material is different.

Note: if the capsule is also gluten-free and/or suitable for vegans, this is always stated on the product description of the CBD capsule. If not, this is not the case for this product. For vegan and gluten-free CBD capsules, check out the brands: Endoca, Jacob Hooy and Sana Hemp Juice.

What is the difference between CBD Oil and CBD Capsules?

The way to take in CBD oil is commonly known: drip it under your tongue, let it be absorbed for 60 seconds and then swallow the oil. As a result, CBD is rapidly absorbed by the mucous membranes. With CBD capsules you do not drip, of course, you simply swallow the CBD directly. As such, the CBD thus ends up in your stomach, after which it must be digested by the stomach and reaches the blood. This means CBD capsules need a longer period of time before being absorbed by the body. Nevertheless, CBD capsules do not affect the functioning or quality of the oil in the capsule.

CBD Oil Capsules from Different Brands

We offer various brands within our CBD capsules. All of them are of high quality and produced in a natural way. In our product assortment there is choice of CBD capsules with 2.5% to 15% CBD of the following brands:

  • Wedihemp *
  • Hemplife
  • Jacob Hooy *

* For vegan and gluten-free CBD capsules look at the products of these brands.

Buying CBD Capsules? Check out our product range!

You want to take CBD, but without the CBD taste? Then buy CBD capsules. They are easy to take in and dose. Check out our product range. Do you have questions? Ask our customer service. They are very pleased to help you.