Magic Truffles

Magic truffles, also known as Psilocybine Sclerotia, offer you a psychedelic trip similar to that of Magic Mushrooms. On this page, you'll find a vast selection.

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Magic Truffles Sugashrooms 25 Grams
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Magic Truffles High Hawaiians 25 grams
Magic Truffles High Dutchies (Private Label) 22 grams
Magic Truffles Pink Paradise 15 grams
Magic Truffles Hollandia (Private Label) 15 gram Best Buy
Magic Truffles Double Vision (Private Label) 25 gram
Microdosing Magic Truffles Mexicana (Private Label) 6 x 1 gram
Magic Truffles Odin's Jewels (Private Label) 15 gram
Happy Tea Truffle (Microdose Together)

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Magic Truffles Old Dutch (Maka) 15 grams
Magic Truffles Mexicana (Private Label) 15 gram
Psilo-QTest | Psilocybin test for Mushrooms & Truffles (Miraculix)
Magic Truffles Microdosing Pack (McMicrodose)

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Magic Truffles MushRocks 20 grams
Magic Truffles Atlantis (Private Label) 15 gram
Magic Truffles Double Vision (Maka) 15 grams
Magic Truffles Utopia (Private Label) 15 gram
Magic Truffles Muskoka (Maka) 15 grams

Magic Truffles are the legal alternative to Magic Mushrooms. These subterranean mushrooms are packed with psilocybin to give you a new perspective on reality. Magic Truffles come in all shapes and sizes. The effects of Magic Truffles therefore depend on the type of truffle and the quantity you consume. What are the best magic truffles? Which truffles do you choose for the first time and what do magic truffles actually do to you? Keep reading!


Our Magic Truffles are not the truffles you add when getting your pasta ready for example. We are talking about potent magic truffles that are full of psilocybin. That’s the active substance in these trip drugs that have a psychedelic effect on you. Shrooms contain that as well and in terms of effect are very similar to truffles. The difference between shrooms and truffles is the way in which they grow. You can cultivate shrooms yourself in a shroom grow kit. They grow above the ground just like they do in nature. Truffles, on the other hand, grow under the ground.

In actual fact, truffles aren’t fungi at all but sclerotia. That’s a kind of collective name for this type of tiny, underground tubers. By the way, it’s 100% legal to purchase magic truffles. That’s not the case for shrooms. You can only buy them for self-cultivation in a grow kit and it’s illegal to sell them in ready-to-use form. So, on to truffles then. That’s why you’re here!

Types of Magic Truffles

There are a lot of magic truffle types on the market. You can find a huge range of all kinds of potent truffles here with us. These include well-known magic truffle varieties from the best brands and also our own house brand truffles. Each variety has its own unique characteristics. Mexicana truffles, for example, are less strong compared to other types of magic truffles, but work really well to stimulate your creativity. They are also good as microdosing truffles and very suited to beginners who want give truffles a try. At the other end of the spectrum, there are our house brand Odin’s Jewels, for example. This variety is really powerful (a lot of psilocybin) and produces intensely visual effects. Colours become brighter, sounds more intense and you see moving patterns all around.

These are just 2 examples from our extensive range. To give you an idea of all the magic truffles we stock, we have made a list of the best ones. For example:

  • Psilocybe Tampanensis (Philosopher's Stone) truffles are truffles for starters. If you have never eaten mushrooms or truffles before, it is best to go for this variety.
  • Psilocybe Mexicana (Flesh of the God) truffles are much more visual than the Tampanensis, but are not as strong as e.g. the Mushrocks or Dutch Dragons.
  • The Psilocybe Galindoii (MushRocks) will bring you an intense visual experience, without a profound distortion of reality.
  • The Psilocybe Tampelandia (High Hawaiians) are strong visual truffles from our product range and ensure kaleidoscopic visions.
  • Hollandia (House Brand) – you don’t need much of this to experience a laugh-filled trip with intense colours and sounds. Very strong truffles for advanced users.
  • Double Vision (House Brand) is two types of magic truffles in combination. Enjoy an unparalleled mix of effects from Hollandia and Odin’s Jewels truffles in a single pack.
  • The Psilocybe Naranja (Dutch Dragons) are the option for really experienced psychonauts, and give you the strongest possible visual effects.
  • Psilocybe roseus (Pink Paradise) have been specially developed for the unique pink color and fill your body with loving feelings. Strong visual!
  • Utopia Magic Truffles (House Brand) are off the spectrum as far as effect is concerned. Are you looking for a personal experience and new insights into yourself? Utopia it is!
  • Odin’s Jewels (House Brand) are very powerful truffles. Do you want to go on a full-on trip and experience intense visual effects? If so then Odin’s Jewels makes a good choice.

What are the best Magic Truffles?

You can always refer to the list above if you want to know the difference between certain strains. But what are the best magic truffles? That is different for everyone. This is because it depends on your expectations. Do you want to go crazy? Laugh, scream and roar? Or just calm and spiritual. For every type of trip, there is a different kind. So the best magic truffles are entirely up to you.

What Truffles should you use for the First Time?

Unlike what the best ones are, we can tell you which truffles are best to take for the first time. Start with a relatively light strain such as the Tampanensis, Mexicana or Atlantis. This is a safe and responsible choice. This way you can first see how you react to the trip. Is this strain good enough for you? Then you can take this one next time as well. Is it too light for you? Then take a stronger truffle next time. Bottom line: "Which truffles for the first time?" Pick a strain that is not as strong!

Truffles Dosage: How Many Grams of magic Truffles for the First Time?

Using magic truffles (for the first time)? Do it safely! First choose the right truffle dosage. Dutch-Headshop can help you with that. Simply enter your information in our Magic Mushroom and Magic Truffle Dosage Calculator! It will calculate the perfect dosage for you based on a number of questions. It answers questions such as "How many grams of truffles the first time?" and "How many grams of truffles for a strong trip?". This way you'll trip safely and be sure you don't take too much.

How many grams of truffles should you use the first time? That depends on the strain you take, your body weight, whether the truffles are fresh or dried and how strong you want to experience the trip. The last item can be determined by trip levels, which we explain below the dosage calculator. Example: do you weigh 80 kilos, do you use fresh Tampanensis, Mexicana or Atlantis truffles and do you want to experience an average trip? Then 12 grams of magic truffles for the first time is a good dosage.

The Effects of Magic Truffles

What do magic truffles do to you? Well, the effects of Magic Mushrooms should never be underestimated. With a typical dose of 5 to 15 grams of fresh truffles, you will experience visual and auditive hallucinations after approximately 45 minutes. With a light dose of 5 grams you will experience visual distortions, though you still have the feeling of being in control. You will also experience subtle effects, such as intense colors and music changing and becoming more beautiful. When taking 10 grams, hallucinations are hard to ignore and you will move away from reality. Certain powerful hallucinations seamlessly blend in with reality. A lamp can spring to life; you feel like melting with the couch you're sitting on and even spiritual experiences may occur. With 15 grams, your experience becomes very strong. A real trip transporting you into another dimension.

The effect peaks about one and a half to two hours after ingestion. A magic mushroom trip lasts for up to six hours. The duration and its effects depend on the species. Visual and auditory hallucinations come and go in waves.

Now you have an idea of what magic truffles can do to you. Just keep in mind that every trip is different and strongly depends on your state of mind and your environment (set & setting).

How often can you use magic truffles?

Be aware that the effects will decrease if you use it too frequently and too quickly in a row. You can basically use magic truffles often, but it is important that you take a few weeks of rest between trips. Otherwise you can build up tolerance and you will notice that the effects become less strong. So how often can you use magic truffles? We recommend keeping at least 3 to 4 weeks between trips. Then you know for sure that you can experience the full strength again.

Can You Drink Alcohol with magic Truffles?

You cannot drink alcohol with magic truffles in your body. Please don't! Alcohol causes unpredictable effects and significantly increases the chances of a bad trip. Drinking with truffles in your body can cause an anxious feeling that lasts for hours. It can cause you to do strange things, which is dangerous. Do not combine drinking and magic mushrooms. It's just not worth the experiment.

Dutch Headshop Private Label Magic Truffles Types

What can you expect from our private label truffles? Exactly the same as with magic truffle varieties from the established brands. The difference with our house brands is in the price. You don’t get any fancy packaging but the trip effects of the drug are exactly the same. So don’t underestimate our house brand. We guarantee the quality of our tripping substances and they are no less potent. In short: do you want to have a trip that’s equally good or hard but for less money? Are you looking to buy magic truffles economically? If so, then our private label truffles are for you!

Are Truffles Drugs?

Are truffles drugs? We can answer this question very quickly. Yes, magic truffles are a kind of smart drug of the psychedelic category. Trip drugs or psychedelics are drug types that have a psychedelic and mind-expanding effect. Stimulated senses, a changed perspective and a different state of consciousness. Those are the characteristics of trip drugs or psychedelics. A lot of people who use truffles do this simply for tripping purposes. Others are in search of a spiritual experience. You can read more about recreational tripping or spiritual experiences in our blog.

What is Better: magic mushrooms or truffles?

We often get asked at Dutch-Headshop which of the two psychedelics is best. "Which is better? Magic mushrooms or Truffles," we then hear over the phone. The answer is simple. The two drugs are very similar. They contain the same active ingredients. Mushrooms are only slightly more concentrated than truffles, so you need to eat less for the same effect. But yes, magic mushrooms you have to grow yourself and you can order a bag of truffles from us without any trouble. It's just what you prefer. So whether magic mushrooms or truffles are better, you will determine for yourself!

Microdosing Truffles

Truffles are very suitable for microdosing. Microdosing involves taking an extremely low dosage of psychedelic drugs. It doesn’t produce changes in your perception and therefore doesn’t send you on a trip. You keep functioning as you would normally but benefit from the ‘hidden’ effect of truffles. The active substances have a positive effect on your brain. This enables you to think in a more wide-ranging way. You get more focus, energy and creativity.

Would you like to give microdosing a try? Good microdosing truffles are the slightly less strong varieties. It’s not about the visual effects but about how it acts on your body. A very tiny microdose of truffles produces this effect in your brain. Check out our microdosing category for more information about microdosing truffles.


Within the diverse collection of fresh Magic Truffles from McSmart, there is something for each of us. From starter-truffles to truffles for seasoned psychonauts. Be carried away along alternative dimensions with Dutch Headshop's McSmart!

How do you feel the day after using magic truffles?

Don't worry too much about "The Day After". You often don't feel bad the day after magic truffles. You may be tired, though, and the trip may impress you very much, leaving you to process the events of the day before. Psychedelics are not just used for fun. People also use it for spiritual purposes and self-help. You then often feel enlightened the day after truffles. Some people say they wake up in a new world. In essence, you still have to process the spiritual experience. This can take several days. This is not a negative feeling. The experience simply remains in your mind for a long time. But this can also only be positive. You do just get out of bed without nausea, headaches or other problems.

Can you sleep when you have magic truffles in your system? Often yes. When you are still in the middle of the trip you may not be able to fall asleep, because your brain, thoughts and eyes are working overtime. But after the trip you can sleep soundly. People usually don’t have any trouble with that.

Buying Magic Truffles

Anyone can buy magic truffles. Provided you are an adult and the trip drugs are legal in the country where you want them sent. Buying magic truffles is really simple. First, check out which of the many magic truffle types suits you best. The best way to do this is to read carefully the detailed product description for each type. Then all you have to do is order them. We deliver the truffles quickly and discreetly to your home. With no truffle-related references whatsoever on the box. So no one has to know what it is you’ve ordered. In short: are you thinking of buying magic truffles? Then you know where to come!