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Barney’s Farm Seed company from Amsterdam is a team of experienced growers that work with cannabis seeds since its start in the 80s. Thanks to its experience, Barney's Farm is able to produce very high-quality seeds.

Barney’ Strains

Barney’s Farm won innumerable cannabis Cups with their unique strains. Think of the G13 Haze, Crimea Blue and the Vanilla Kush, for example. At the Dutch-Headshop we have eight Cup winners from the Barney’s Farm's growing sites. Despite its history of thirty years, the popularity of new cannabis seeds from Barney's never decreased. Often, brand new and interesting strains are introduced that become as popular as the better known predecessors. Just take a look at:

  • Sweet Tooth - Mould-resistant, Indica-dominant seeds that produce sticky buds.
  • Tangerine Dream - A Sativa-dominant haze strain with a clear mandarin scent.
  • Liberty Haze - A 50/50 hybrid with a THC percentage up to 25%.
  • Morning Glory - A high yield and a strong, earth-like taste.

Orderings Barney’s Farm

There is a lot of choice at the cannabis seed market. At the Dutch-Headshop, we make ordering cannabis seeds online as easy as possible. Use the filters on the left side of the page and narrow down to your favorite ideal cannabis seeds.


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