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Looking to buy kratom from the best brands? Bali, Thai, Malay or Maeng Da? Capsules, powders or extracts? Here you can easily compare and order your favourite kratom. Because of its medicinal and psychoactive effect, the effects of Kratom can be compared to a mild form of opium. Improve your mood, increase your energy and get a euphoric feeling with a low dosage. Or enjoy the relaxing and dreamlike effects with a high dosage. It’s up to you!

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Green Vein Kratom Tincture (Indian Spirit) 10 ml
White Vein Kratom Tincture (Indian Spirit) 10 ml
Red Vein Kratom Tincture (Indian Spirit) 10 ml
Kratom Powder Yellow Maeng Da (Indian Spirit)

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Kratom Capsules Maeng Da (Kratopia) 20 pieces
Kratom Extract 25X Red Vein (Indian Spirit) 5 grams
Kratom Powder Green Maeng Da (Kratopia) 50 grams
Kratom Capsules Bronze (Jetpackkratom) 40 mg

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Kratom Capsules Red Maeng Da (Indian Spirit) 30 pieces
Kratom Powder Red Maeng Da (Indian Spirit)

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Kratom Extract Liquid Gold (Jetpackkratom)

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Kratom Capsules Thai (Kratopia) 20 pieces
Kratom Powder White Maeng Da (Kratopia) 50 grams
Kratom Powder White Maeng Da (Indian Spirit)

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Kratom X Blue Lotus Liquid (Kratopia) 10 ml
Kratom Extract Liquid Silver (Jetpackkratom)

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All in One Kratom (Kratopia) 50 grams
Blue Lotus powder [Nymphaea caerulea] (Kratopia) 50 grams
Kratom Capsules Yellow Maeng Da (Indian Spirit) 30 pieces
Kratom Powder Red Maeng Da (Kratopia) 50 grams

As well as the best products, here you can find all the information about kratom. Details about the Mitragyna speciosa, the effects, kratom experiences, dosage and more!

What is Kratom | Mitragyna speciosa?

Kratom is a tropical herb that originates from South-East Asia. From times immemorial, Mitragyna speciosa has been used as a substitute for opium. The effects of kratom can vary enormously because the smartdrug is derived from trees that are hugely sensitive to the soil and environment in which they are located. The sub-species that have been developed in the meantime all have a slightly different effect but are still called kratom. In Asia, Mitragyna speciosa trees can be incredibly big. There are kratom trees that are a good 30 metres in height.

If you want to experience kratom effects, you need the big leaves from Mitragyna speciosa. You can ingest the active substances by chewing them, brewing tea or making an extract from them. Those active substances are alkaloids like 7-hydroxymitragynine, mitraphylline and mitragynine. The last one is the most important and you find it in extracts used by people who want to experience the intense kratom effects.

Kratom Effects

Kratom effects can be compared to those of opium-based products, but milder. The effects of kratom can be felt after five to ten minutes and can last for several hours. The main active substance, mitragynine, has an effect on the opiate receptors in your brain. Mood and anxiety are affected by this. The mood is improved and you get a euphoric feeling. A good dose of mitragynine also provides a good dose of energy, which makes the kratom effects suitable for partying. But because most kratom products don’t just contain mitragynine, a lot more effects can be felt. It’s well-known that the effect of kratom is dependent on the dosage.

With a low dosage of kratom, you experience the effects mentioned above. It suppresses pain, gives you a euphoric feeling and has a powerful, stimulating effect. With a high kratom dosage, on the other hand, you feel relaxed. Now the kratom effects are dreamlike, narcotic and in some cases mildly aphrodisiac. But every smartdrug also has its negative effects. With frequent, regular usage, kratom can become addictive and the side effects are not pleasant! Tinnitus, constipation, psychoses and lethargy can occur. So keep an eye on the amount of kratom you take.

In Asia, kratom is used as a folk medicine for alleviating pain and tiredness. The precise working of kratom varies by sub-species and therefore they are applied for specific ailments. We give more information about the specific kratom effects per type below.

Kratom Experiences

In general, users’ experiences of kratom are very positive. Some users feel comfortable when using kratom in a familiar environment. Taking high doses at home on the sofa seems to work very well. In addition, we often hear about kratom experiences in combination with sports. Extracts that contain mitragynine work particularly well in this regard. Kratom tea is really nice and produces the desired effect in a short time. The most positive kratom experiences that have come to our attention are those from users who drank kratom tea or took kratom capsules full of extracts.

Kratom Dosage

The dosage for kratom is a tricky subject. With many smartdrugs, you can be clear about the amount you should take. But with Mitragyna speciosa it’s completely different. The kratom dosage varies enormously per product because, as mentioned, more than one effect is possible. Not just the type, but also the quantity influences the kratom effects. Always consult the back of a product or read our detailed product information for more info about the kratom dosage.

Bali, Thai, Malay or Maeng Da kratom

Thus, different sub-species of kratom have different effects. We are going to list at a glance the best-known properties per type:

  • Bali Kratom: this type has a more calming effect than the other variants. The more you take, the more the relaxation increases. On Bali, the kratom is used for analgesic and relaxing effects. Bali kratom is thus the least stimulating and energising of all. Do you want to party with kratom? If so, take a different type.

  • Thai Kratom: a very potent variant with highly stimulating constituents. This type is derived from the rain forest in Thailand where the drug is highly popular. Thai kratom gives energy which enables you to keep going for hours longer. Great for a party or between the sheets! What if you take more Thai kratom? Then you can expect to experience relaxing kratom effects.

  • Malay Kratom: this specific Mitragyna speciosa tree produces relaxing kratom effects. Are you going to chew a bit of these leaves or brew a small cup of tea? If so, then you can look forward to a nice dose of energy. Or are you going for a higher dose of Malay kratom? Then it works in a very relaxing and narcotic way.
  • Maeng Da Kratom: this form of kratom is different from all the others. In the first place, because its origin is not completely known. The leaves are selected based on active substance and thus not attributable to one of the 3 types mentioned earlier. Therefore Maeng Da Kratom is also known as the strongest kratom. It contains an incredible amount of active substances. At low dosages, it’s a really effective energy booster. At high dosages, it produces intense relaxation and a narcotic effect that is comparable to that of opium.

Looking to buy the strongest Kratom? Go for Jetpackkratom!

Jetpackkratom is a sustainable brand with high-quality products which qualify as some of the purest on the market. The brand is renowned for its powerful products with a high Mitragynine content of up to 80%. The extracts are made from 100% biologically cultivated Kratom, exclusively sourced from South-East Asia. In striving to have the best products on the market, Jetpackkratom is continuously working on development and innovation. The products are inspected and certified from harvest to production by first-class companies like Columbia Laboratories and Butterworth Labs. In addition, all products are extensively tested for food safety.

What makes Jetpackkratom so incredibly popular are the extremely powerful kratom effects. The extracts in Jetpackkratom products are often pure Mitragynine. For that reason, this brand’s products give you more or less pure energy. Normally, high dosages of kratom produce a relaxing feeling but with jetpackkratom you just keep on getting more and more energy!

Kratom Tea, Capsules, Powders, Leaves or Extracts

Kratom comes in all kinds of forms. From kratom tea to kratom extract: we list the advantages.

  • Kratom Tea: super easy to make and really pleasant. Whereas many kratom products have a bitter taste that not everyone appreciates, a kratom tea blend of chai or ceylon is really pleasant. The effects are quickly felt because kratom tea is assimilated easily by your body.

  • Kratom capsules: this is the simplest method to use. Even more than in the case of the tea, you won’t be bothered by the taste. You always get the same kratom dosage and can take them with you anywhere. Kratom capsules are perfect for a festival.

  • Kratom Powder or Kratom Leaves: these are the classic forms of kratom. Do you want to experience it as nature intended? If so, go for kratom powder or leaves.

  • Kratom extract: an extract is always much stronger than one of the products above. Do you want to go full throttle? Take a strong kratom extract and strap yourself in. Because this will be a great ride.

Buying and Ordering Kratom

Ordering kratom is very simple and fun as well. Read all the information in our shop and you can see which type suits you best. Buying kratom is 100% legal. Not only in the Netherlands but also in many other countries. And in Asia. Do you intend to order kratom at Dutch Headshop? Check out the massive range of brands like jetpackkratom or kratopia, and then choose your product. Have any questions about buying kratom? Get in touch with our customer service! In any case, it’s best for you to buy kratom from an expert, like Dutch Headshop.

Warning: don’t use during pregnancy or if breastfeeding. Don’t combine with MAO inhibitors, medication, stimulants, alcohol or other psychoactive substances. Not for persons under 18 years old. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Don’t use as a substitute for other medicines. In case of doubt, consult your doctor.

With frequent, regular use, kratom can become addictive. The side effects are powerful. Treat this drug with respect!