Medical Marijuana Seeds

You can cultivate your own medicine in a maximum of 14 weeks with Mediwiet weed seeds. Mediwiet Seeds have been developed specially for medicinal use and have a positive effect on your emotional state. Most types contain more CBD than THC which is ideal for medicinal cannabis users. Dutch Headshop has an extensive selection of all types of Mediwiet Seeds. Discover the type which suits you!

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Mediwiet Seeds, the name says it all really. Mediwiet Seeds are outstandingly suited for medicinal use. Do you have medical symptoms and are you looking for weed types which can relieve your symptoms? Then check out our extensive offering of Mediwiet Seeds and find the solution!

Features of Mediwiet Seeds

  • Ideally suited for medicinal use
  • For all kinds of medical symptoms
  • High CBD percentage
  • Extensive selection of different seeds


When you are intending to buy Mediwiet Seeds, it’s important to look at the THC:CBD ratio. Cannabis seeds are suitable for medicinal use if the plants they produce have a high ratio of CBD. CBD reduces the psychoactive effect of THC. With a high CBD percentage you feel clearer but still get a substantial percentage of THC. So for medicinal use you are better off choosing weed seeds in which the CBD percentage is high in relation to the THC percentage.

The desirable percentage of THC depends on the application. We differentiate between two variants of medicinal weed seeds. 1:1 weed seeds contain a lot of THC for medicinal applications. Weed from these plants is ideal for physical symptoms, stimulating appetite and help with sleeping. The CBD percentage is just as high which for many gives just enough clarity for daily tasks. Higher CBD:THC ratio weed seeds contain (much) more CBD than THC. These seeds are extremely suited to medicinal applications where the user derives benefit from CBD.

Use a Vaporizer

It’s always recommended to use a vaporizer for medicinal use. A vaporizer is a healthier method for enjoying the plants you’ve grown. All substances in weed can be vaped at various temperatures. As regards the ideal vaping temperature, we give our advice based on research into this matter.

  • 160℃ gives you a mellow high. THC begins to vapourize.
  • 185℃ guarantees a stimulating, mental and energetic high. CBD vapourizes, together with terpenes which ensure that the THC kicks in harder.
  • A temperature of 220℃ vapourizes additional terpenes and CBC. A good vaping temperature to make you feel drowsy and hungry. Good for getting stoned with an important proviso*.

*Proviso: Increase the temperature gradually during the session. Do you want to minimise the damage though? Then don’t go higher than 200℃. The harmful benzenes vapourize at 200℃. And although the amount is slight, you’re better off avoiding these.

Dutch Headshop has an huge range of high-quality vaporizers which are available directly from stock. A vaporizer is very user-friendly and saves you the bother of rolling a joint. The amount of weed you can fit in a vaporizer varies by model. A gramme will fit into a decent table model while most portable vapes can accommodate half a gramme at most. Never compress the weed. That prevents the airstream from flowing freely. For this reason it’s a good idea to crumble your weed finely before putting it in the vaporizer.

Although all varieties are in principle suitable for therapeutic applications, the seeds in this category are pre-eminently suitable for medicinal use. Some strains for example, contain a relatively high percentage of CBD in relation to THC. Others contain an average amount of THC. These seeds are hand picked for properties that benefit the body. Think of sedative or soothing properties.

The germination and growing of Mediwiet Seeds works in the same way as with all other weed seeds. Don’t hesitate to try Mediwiet Seeds. Fast ordering and delivery!


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