Medical Cannabis Seeds

Medicinal cannabis seeds are specially developed for medicinal use. Most strains contain more CBD than THC, which is ideal for medical marijuana because it makes you less high.

Medicinal weed seeds. The name says it all really. These weed seeds are highly suitable for medicinal use. Are you looking for weed varieties that may support your health? If so, then you’re in the right place. With these seeds you can grow medicinal cannabis yourself. Sativas, indicas or autoflowers? We have it all.

Properties of Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

  • Ideally suited to medicinal use
  • Exclusively for support*
  • High CBD percentage
  • Extensive choice of different seeds

* Important: weed is not a medicine. Weed may help to relieve complaints or symptoms, but only in consultation with your family doctor or specialist. Never self-medicate.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is just as easy to grow as any other strain but we strongly recommend you to use an organic cannabis fertilizer. But what exactly is medicinal weed? There are 3 to 4 types of medicinal weed:

If you’re thinking of buying weed seeds for medicinal use, it’s important to check the THC:CBD ratio. Weed seeds are often more suited to medicinal use if the cannabis plants they grow into have a relatively high ratio of CBD. CBD inhibits the psychoactive effect of THC. Even if you are happy to take in a lot of THC, it’s still advisable to opt for weed with a relatively high percentage of CBD so that you don’t suffer too much from a stoned or high feeling during the day. With a higher percentage of CBD, you should feel more clear-headed while still getting a decent amount of THC.

In addition to these, there is special weed that’s rich in a certain substance which doesn’t occur (or hardly occurs) in other varieties (strains) of weed, such as THCV or CBC or terpenes like terpinolene, ocimene or linalool. We’re not permitted to tell you anything about any effect that weed or any other substances may have. All we can tell you is which varieties are rich in these substances.

Medicinal Weed with a Lot of THC

Weed seeds that contain a lot of THC and a bit more than average CBD for evening use without getting utterly stoned:

Medicinal Weed with equal amounts of CBD and THC

Ideal for both during the day and in the evening, for a reduced high/stoned feeling:

1:1 weed seeds contain a relatively large amount of THC for medicinal uses. Weed from these plants is ideal for physical complaints, enhancing appetite and helping to sleep. The CBD percentage is just as high and for many people this provides just enough clear-headedness for daily tasks. 

Medicinal Marijuana with the least possible THC

THC-poor weed that won’t get you high or stoned, or hardly so:

Weed seeds with (a lot) more CBD than THC are highly suitable for medicinal uses allowing users to get the benefit of CBD without getting high or stoned. High is the feeling you experience in your head, while stoned is physical in nature. It makes you sluggish and enervated.

Special Medicinal Marijuana

Weed seeds that develop into weed plants with specific substances:

Rich in the substance:

Vaporizer Temperature

Some varieties:


220 °C

Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Blueberry Headband


198 °C

Amnesia Haze, Zkittlez Auto OG, LA Amnesia


168 °C

Orinoco, Auto Purple Punch, Auto Banana Blaze


176 °C

Jack Herer, CBD Kush, Auto Banana Punch


155 °C

Blue Dream, CBD Critical Mass, Auto Trainwreck


66 °C

Green Crack, Purple Haze, Auto Sour Diesel


130 °C

Girl Scout Cookies, Master Kush, Auto Colorado Cookies


106 °C

Gorilla Glue, Blueberry Headband, Auto Gelato


186 °C

Super Lemon Haze, Auto Pineapple Express, King’s Kush Auto CBD


220 °C

Durban Poison

A few additional tips: For extra CBN, simply allow the weed to mature for a bit longer. For CBG, harvest your weed very early. For CBGA, THCA and CBDA, keep the vaporizer temperature as low as possible.

Growing Medicinal Cannabis

In essence, growing medicinal marijuana is not much different from growing normal marijuana. You only need the right cannabis seeds. In addition, you should pay attention to a few things. You can use the filters on this page to choose the right cannabis seeds. For example, filter on the CBD percentage or opt for a clear effect.

When it comes to growing medicinal cannabis, there are a number of points to consider. For example, do you want to rule out the possibility of chemical substances ending up in your weed? Then only go for natural or organic plant food. For example from Plagron, Advanced Nutrients or BAC. Then you are assured of 100% natural weed and you can fully enjoy the therapeutic qualities of medicinal cannabis.

Using Medical Cannabis

After you have grown medicinal cannabis yourself, it is wise to opt for a relatively healthy way of consuming it. For example, make medicinal cannabis oil, process the weed in edibles such as cake or use a vaporizer. That way, the medicinal cannabis will cause the least damage to your health.

Use a Vaporizer

It’s always recommended to use a vaporizer for medicinal use. A vaporizer is a healthier method for enjoying the plants you’ve grown. All substances in weed can be vaped at various temperatures. As regards the ideal vaping temperature, we give our advice based on research into this matter.

  • 160℃ gives you a mellow high. THC begins to vapourize.
  • 185℃ guarantees a stimulating, mental and energetic high. CBD vapourizes, together with terpenes which ensure that the THC kicks in harder.
  • A temperature of 220℃ vapourizes additional terpenes and CBC. A good vaping temperature to make you feel drowsy and hungry. Good for getting stoned with an important note*.

*Note: Increase the temperature gradually during the session. Do you want to minimise the damage though? Then don’t go higher than 200℃. The harmful benzene vaporizes at 200℃. And although the amount is slight, you’re better off avoiding it.

Dutch Headshop has a huge range of high-quality vaporizers which are available directly from stock. A vaporizer is very user-friendly and saves you the bother of rolling a joint. The amount of weed you can fit in a vaporizer varies by model. A gramme will fit into a decent table model while most portable vapes can accommodate half a gramme at most. Never compress the weed. That prevents the airstream from flowing freely. For this reason it’s a good idea to crumble your weed finely before putting it in the vaporizer.

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