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The best smoking supplies, made in Holland. Mascotte rolling papers, filters, tips, grinders & more!

Want to know more about Mascotte rolling papers, filters, tips, grinders and other products? Everything can be found on this page. 

About the Dutch brand

Mascotte was founded in 1858 under the name Mignot & de Block BV. This makes it one of the oldest smoking accessories brands in the world. The brand is best known for its rolling papers and cigarette sleeves. Shortly after the Second World War, Mascotte became a major player in the field of rolling papers. At the time, there was a shortage of rolling papers and the products were made out of bible paper by necessity. The company's slogan is "Mascotte is always 3x better". Which should indicate better rolling, better sticking and better burning. Today, the brand collaborates with numerous other companies, artists and influencers. For example, they make special edition products such as the Mascotte Slowflu and other smoking accessories such as lighters and grinders. In other words: an expert in the field of smoking accessories for decades.

Mascotte Rolling paper

Mascotte rolling papers come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular are the original rolling papers. These are small papers meant to roll shag or tobacco. Furthermore, you will find various types of long rolling papers in the collection. The packages are characterized by the handy and user-friendly magnet. The magnet keeps the packet closed at all times, so the rolling papers cannot tear, crease or get wet. Mascotte rolling papers are extra thin, burn slowly and have a sticky edge of 100% natural Arabic gum. Perfect products for the conscious smoker.

Mascotte long rolling paper

If you want to buy Mascotte long rolling papers, you have to pick from a variety of types. Unbleached brown paper, extra-thin papers or even pink rolling papers? The brand has it all. You can buy all long rolling papers in King-Size or King-Size slim. There are even combination packs of Mascotte rolling papers and tips in one. 


In addition to its regular collection, the brand also produces limited edition products in collaboration with other brands or artists. Popular example is Mascotte Slowflu. This product was developed in collaboration with rapper Kevin. The name says it all: the rolling papers burn extra slow, so you can enjoy your joint much longer. Slowflu is of course equipped with a magnetic closure. In the package you will also find tips and a handy gutter in which you can build your jonko. There are also special editions made in collaboration with ADF Samski, Jonna Fraser, Greenmeister and Amsterdam Genetics, among others.

Mascotte Filters & Tips

In addition to rolling papers, the brand also makes all kinds of filters and tips. Of course, a good joint is not complete without a filter. Fortunately, Mascotte offers a wide variety to choose from. You can buy normal Mascotte tips as well as tips made from brown, unbleached paper. There are also the Mascotte slim filters that you can use for shaggies or joints. The normal ones are made of acetate and the others of unbleached cellulose. You can use all Mascotte tips just for joints. They let all the active ingredients through and ensure an optimal taste experience.

Active filters

For the conscious smoker, there are Mascotte active filters. These pre-rolled filters are filled with active carbon. These filter the smoke from your joint or shaggie before it reaches your lungs. There, they filter out a large portion of the harmful substances from the smoke. The smoke is also cooled and the flavour remains unadulterated. With Mascotte active filters, you can smoke healthier and more consciously.

Mascotte Grinders & Other Smoking Supplies

In addition to rolling papers and filters, the brand also makes grinders and a variety of other smoking supplies. Take for example lighters, joint tubes, cigarette casings, sleeve stoppers and more. Basically everything in the field of smoking. A Mascotte grinder comes in different types. They are all equipped with 4 layers, including tray. Mascotte also has lighters from Clipper and Zippo. And do you really want to have everything from Mascotte? Then there is also plenty of merchandise available such as sweaters, shirts and playing cards.